Applications of Social Learning to Family Life
Pages: 180
ISBN: 9780878221561
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A widely-popular now classic work by Dr. Gerald R. Patterson, this book helps parents recognize the crucial role they play in shaping their children’s behavior.

The first half of the book examines reinforcement and contracts as the basis for behavior management programs. The second half focuses on applications of social learning principles. In addition to addressing common problems such as whining and temper tantrums, the book offers practical advice on more complex problems such as aggression and stealing.

Focuses on children and young adolescents.

Book Reviews

“The book is a careful, straightforward presentation of behavior modification techniques. . . useful as a resource in helping parents develop effective management techniques for dealing with behavioral problems.”

—Robert I. Havens, Personnel and Guidance Journal

“The material is well arranged, theoretical concepts being explained and then followed by precise and specific directions for their practical application.”

—David R. Mace, The Family Coordinator

“A useful supplementary tool, particularly for elementary and junior high counselors in their work with parents.”

—Richard W. Warner, Jr., The School Counselor

Introduction: People as Agents of Behavior Change
Section I Social Learning: Keys to Behavior Change
  Chapter  1 Social Reinforcers
  Chapter  2 Aversive Stimuli: Variations on a Theme of
  Chapter  3 Accidental Training: Unplanned Reinforcement
Section II Behavior Management Skills
  Chapter  4 How to Do It: Precision Reinforcement
  Chapter  5 First Steps in Setting Up a Management Program
  Chapter  6 Contracts
  Chapter  7 What Kind of Reinforcers?
  Chapter  8 Time Out
Section III Applications to Ordinary Management Problems
  Chapter  9 Adult Behavior Change Techniques
  Chapter 10 Negotiation
  Chapter 11 Exchange
Section IV  Child Management Problems
  Chapter 12 So Your Child Teases?
  Chapter 13 Toilet Training Three-Year-Olds
  Chapter 14 Bedwetting: A Simple First Approach
  Chapter 15 Temper Tantrums
  Chapter 16 The Midnight Intruder
  Chapter 17 Whining
  Chapter 18 To Bed or Not To Bed
Section V Applications to More Complicated Management Problems
  Chapter 19 The Child Who Steals
  Chapter 20 The Aggressive Child
  Chapter 21 Pinpointing and Changing Noncompliance
  Chapter 22 Changing Other Aggressive Behaviors
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