• The State of SEL Now: Essential

    The State of SEL Now: Essential

    By Maurice J. Elias, PhD Rutgers University, Academy for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools ( The social and emotional development of young people has been a concern of families, educators, and society at large since people first appeared on the earth; Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is not new at all. It is a term that captures essential…

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  • It’s Obvious: SEL and Character Ed are Good for Everyone

    It’s Obvious: SEL and Character Ed are Good for Everyone

    By Paul Cicchini, Ed.S, NCSP When I embarked on my Character Education crusade over ten years ago, I never thought America would be where it is now. At that time in my career as a psychologist and educator, I looked around my schools and concluded that we had lost something. Students were not empathetic to…

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  • Game-Based Learning

    Game-Based Learning

    By Jaime Dombrowski, PhD A fairly new concept that has been receiving a lot of traction in recent years is game-based learning—when content is learned in an interactive manner that engages students. Perrotta et al. (2013) postulated that game-based learning increases motivation, performance, and engagement. Game-based learning allows students to interact with one another and…

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  • A Time for Renewal

    A Time for Renewal

    By Dale G. Larson The COVID pandemic precipitated a tsunami of grief and loss that sent psychological, social, and health shock waves surging through societies across the world. Americans, particularly, experienced skyrocketing levels of anxiety, depression, uncertainty, loneliness, and more than one million pandemic-related deaths.1,2 Compounding this trauma in America are several other events that…

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