Privacy Policy

Research Press Publishers operates three websites, which include, and The only ecommerce website we operate is By using these websites you agree to the data collection, use, disclosure and storage practices as further described.

Our website,, is configured to accept orders only from U.S. and Canadian-based customers once a login presence has been established. Beyond the U.S. and Canada, our resources are represented by the Eurospan Group through their website The web links we provide may only be accessed by an international customer. Research Press is not responsible for marketing, data collection, promotional offers, etc., as represented by the Eurospan Group.

We operate a secure online website at Servers are hosted in the U.S. We use SSL encryption with every order to protect your credit card and other payment information. Research Press does not see and cannot access your complete credit card information. This information is processed directly through a bankcard clearinghouse that approves or declines your credit card. This is also true for PayPal users.

When ordering, you will be asked to provide a telephone number and email address as part of your billing and shipping information. If a purchase order is used as a form of payment, the customer will be required to email or fax their purchase order on the organization’s letterhead to further complete the transaction.

If, for any reason, we need to discuss your order paid for by a credit card, we will contact you by telephone. The representative will identify himself or herself by name as an employee of Research Press. We will also provide you with a call back phone number. Once you have registered and/or logged in to place an order, your email address, billing address and shipping address are retained as a “customer” both online and in our files.

Your email address is used to confirm your online order and when ordering by other methods. We may also use your email address to send you an initial welcome email and provide a promotional option. This will be a one-time only follow up email and will not automatically add your email to our promotional email list. In order to receive our promotional emails or other news, you must choose to subscribe. We may also use your email address or your phone number to communicate with you directly on questions concerning your order transaction or other business communications as a registered user on our website. For customers who have opted-in to receive Research Press promotional emails, you will have the option to unsubscribe. Research Press has never, and will never, rent or sell your email address.

You must enable your browser to accept cookies to make use of our website and any promotional codes or coupons and other supplemental actions required for you to operate as a customer on our website. Our website uses cookies to track information such as the number of visitors and visitor activity. These reports do not include information that would identify a user’s personal identity.

Visitors to may opt-in/select to receive promotional emails exclusively from Research Press. (Note: Promotional offers from Research Press are valid to subscribers with U.S. and Canadian delivery addresses only. Other promotional offers may occasionally be available to Research Press subscribers shopping at for Research Press titles only and who do not have a U.S. or a Canadian delivery address.) Each promotional email we send includes an option to unsubscribe. Simply click on the appropriate link.

At any time, you may request removal of any personal information retained by Research Press. Research Press will periodically purge or delete inactive customer information from our internal records. This applies to customer records that do not display a current or qualified history of purchase activity.

In these cases, customers may be required to register on our website and/or to provide updated billing and shipping information if ordering by phone, email, or fax.

Once you become a customer of Research Press, we may use the shipping address you have provided to send new Research Press catalogs, flyers or other relevant offers through the U.S. postal service. Your request for a catalog does not automatically place you on a subscriber list to receive promotional emails. At times, we may rent our customer postal information to other privileged companies that we deem deserving of providing you with offers for related or similar products and/or services that are relevant to your professional interests as an educator, counselor, social worker, psychologist or a related field responsible for implementing behavior interventions with our targeted populations. At any time, you may request that your information be excluded from all U.S. postal mailings that are promotional in nature and not directly pertinent to your business communication with Research Press.

On, we may provide outbound links to other websites not operated by Research Press, but that may further support your professional interests. We do not control these websites, so we are not responsible for their content and privacy policies. We review these web links at various times to determine their continued relevance and functionality. Privacy policies as stated here pertain only to websites operated by Research Press Publishers.

When we have material policy updates, we will refresh our Privacy Policy web page on If necessary, we may also update our subscribers by email. We reserve the right to change our policies at any time. Your continued use of our websites and your business transactions with Research Press Publishers indicate your agreement to our terms and policies as stated here and as communicated during the normal course of transacting business.

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