Family HOPE Program Guide

Positive Behavior Support for Families of Children with Challenging Behavior
Pages: 70
ISBN: 9780878226108
Item Number: 5606


Based on the principles of positive behavior support (PBS), the Family HOPE program (happiness-optimism-promise-excellence) offers support and encouragement for families of children with behavioral issues. 

The principles outlined are especially useful when a child’s behavior is disability related but are universal and helpful in reducing stress and improving the quality of life in any family.

Gives helping professionals background on family stress, the challenges and role of siblings in behavior change, and PBS. It also includes weekly home visit agendas for working with families individually and step-by-step instructions for teaching Family HOPE principles in parent groups. While all reproducibles are available as a download for this title, some books will also include a CD that contains reproducible forms.

Introduction—Family HOPE

What Is Family HOPE?
Who Is It For?
What Is Included?
How Can the Parent Handbook and Program Guide Be Used?

Chapter 1—Positive Behavior Support

What Is PBS for Families?
Why Does It Work?
How Does It Work?
What Is Positive Reinforcement?
What Is Praise?
What Are Negative Consequences?

Chapter 2—Family

Every Family Has a Story
How Do Families Experience Grief?
How Do Families Experience Stress?
What Is the Therapeutic Power of Kindness?
When Are Parents Successful?

Chapter 3—Siblings

What Unique Challenges Do Siblings Face?
How Do Siblings Adapt?
How Are Siblings Involved in Family HOPE?
What Are Some Helpful Resources?

Appendix A—Weekly Home-Visit Agendas

Appendix B—Weekly Parent Group Lesson Plans

Appendix C—Program Forms

Family HOPE Vocabulary
Family Story Interview
Problem Behavior Identification
How Often Does the Behavior Occur in a Week? Measuring Frequency (Hourly Totals)
How Often Does the Behavior Occur in a Week? Measuring Frequency (Bar Graph)
How Long Does the Behavior Last? Measuring Duration (Hourly Totals)
Behavior Motivation Scale
ABC Chart
Functional Behavior Assessment
Behavior Plan: Part 1
Positive Reinforcement and Negative Consequences
Behavior Plan: Part 2
Certificate of Completion

Recommended Resources
About the Authors

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