Family HOPE Parent Handbook

Positive Behavior Support for Families of Children with Challenging Behavior
Pages: 60
ISBN: 9780878226504
Item Number: 5604


Based on the principles of positive behavior support (PBS), the Family Hope program offers support and encouragement for families of children with challenging behavior.

The principles outlined are universal and helpful in any family but are especially useful when a child’s behavior is disability related. The ultimate program goal is reduced stress and an improved quality of life for the entire family.

In easy-to-understand language, the Parent Handbook presents seven steps for changing child behavior based on PBS principles. These steps help families adjust to environmental variables, create a behavior intervention plan, and measure behavior to strengthen more positive, alternative behaviors.

Grade level/age: Principles apply to all ages; however, content applies most directly to children through elementary grades and older children with disabilities.

Preface: My Family’s Journey
What Is Positive Behavior Support?

Step 1: Choose a Problem Behavior for Change
Step 2: Measure Behavior by Collecting Data
Step 3: Determine the Problem Behavior’s Function
Step 4: Create a Functional Behavior Assessment
Step 5: Design a Behavior Plan
Step 6: Teach the New Alternative Competing Behavior
Step 7: Measure Behavior by Collecting Data (One More Time!)

Appendix: Behavior Recording Forms
Recommended Resources
About the Authors

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