Parents and Adolescents Living Together

Part 2: Family Problem Solving
Second Edition
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780878225170
Item Number: 5239

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Part 2: Family Problem Solving provides detailed guidelines for talking about issues and resolving problems with a minimum of conflict. Offers practical, research-based strategies for teaching sexual responsibility, preventing drug and alcohol abuse, and improving school performance.

This volume shows how to improve communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills; set up family meetings; and reduce the impact of negative emotions on the family.

Book Review

“This two-part handbook on living with a teenager is divided between The Basics and Family Problem Solving. The former analyzes the psychology of family units and obstacles to adolescent compliance, guides parents toward making helpful requests and provides a system of monitoring and modeling appropriate behavior using printed dialogues.”

Youth Today

Introduction: Problem Solving with Adolescents

  • Involving Adolescents in Decision Making
  • Controlling Negative Emotions
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Family Problems
  • Research Studies of Parent/Adolescent Relationships
  • Tracking Sheet
  • Homework Assignment
  1. Communication: The Key to Effective Problem Solving
    • The Importance of Being a Good Listener
    • Act I: Angela Get the Lead
    • Act II: Bumper Bashing
    • Communicating about Family Problems
    • Checking Signals
    • Act III: A Little Privacy, Please
    • Act IV: We Wish You Were College Bound
    • Act V: Nobody Comes to Our House
    • Changing Roles – The Receiver Presents
    • Act VI: Hanging Out with Big Sister
    • Act VII: College Can Wait
    • Act VIII: I’ll Bring My Friends Home If . . .
    • Act IX: Trouble at the Dinner Table
    • Homework Assignment
    • Practice Exercises (14)
    • Guidelines for Good Listening (8)
    • Guidelines for Presenters (9)
    • Guidelines for Receivers (9)
  2. Brainstorming Solutions
    • Guidelines for Brainstorming (13)
    • Act I: It Won’t Happen Again, I Promise
    • Act II: Painting a Pretty Picture
    • Act III: She Came Through the Bathroom Window
    • Practice Exercises (5)
    • Homework Assignment
  3. Evaluating Solutions
    • Steps for Evaluating Solutions (14)
    • Act I: Setting Rules for Overnight Guests
    • Act II: How Much Makeup Is Too Much?
    • Family Contracts
    • Evaluation Form
    • Homework Assignment
  4. The Family Forum
    • Family Forum Guidelines (12)
    • Act I: The Wrights Get Off to a Good Start
    • Act II: Presenting the Ultimate Outlaws
    • Act III: Safety Nets
    • Act IV: The Drug Test
    • Communication Rules (19)
    • Homework Assignment
  5. Managing Sensitive Issues
    • Setting the Stage for Family Problem Solving
    • Guidelines for Good Introductions (8)
    • Act I: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
    • Act II: Your Daughter; the Tramp
    • Act III: A Retake for Riva
    • Act IV: United We Stand
    • Act V: Walking and Talking Together
    • Act VI: The Brain Storming Session
    • Act VII: A Plan in the Making
    • The Family Tools
    • Act VIII: Soothing the Tempest
    • Act IX: Tell Me Why
    • Act X: A Glimmer of Hope
    • Act XI: Hammurabi’s Tools
    • Homework Assignment
  6. The Sexual Adolescent
    • The Adolescent Myth
    • Teaching the Basics
    • Act I: Martha Learns about Menstruation
    • Act II: Martha’s Education Continues
    • Act III: Getting Down to Details
    • Act IV: Betty Bares the Facts
    • Act V: I Want to Spend the Night
    • Act VI: Betty Sets the Rules
    • Consequences for Sexually Related Behaviors
    • Act VII: Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?
    • Homework Assignment
  7. Drugs and Alcohol
    • Four Danger Signs
    • Preventing Substance Abuse
    • Monitoring
    • Deviant Peers
    • Academic Performance
    • Some Practical Tips for Parents
    • Teddy Returns from a Night on the Town
    • Act I: The Summit Meeting
    • Act II: Shootout in the Kitchen
    • Homework Assignment
  8. School Problems
    • Designing a Homework Routine
    • The Case of Hugo the Horrible
    • Act I: You Have Nothing to Lose but the Car
    • Act II: The Great Compromise
    • Monitoring School Behavior
    • Steps for Designing a Homework Routine (11)
    • Steps for Setting Up a School-Card Program (7)
    • Study Time Chart
    • Sample School Card
    • Homework Assignment
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