Living with Children

New Methods for Parents and Teachers
Pages: 132
ISBN: 9780878221301
Item Number: 0003

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This now classic best-selling book by Dr. Gerald R. Patterson is an easy-to-understand guide that shows how children learn behavior and how they actually train adults to behave. 

This essential book helps parents learn when, where, and how to respond to and change children’s behavior. The techniques in the book work with all children including those who are aggressive or hyperactive.

Discusses noncompliance, temper tantrums, bedwetting, and many more problems. Frequently and currently used in parent training groups and family therapy sessions.

How to Use This Book
Section 1: How Parents and Children Learn
  Social Learning
  What Are Reinforces?
  How Can We Use Reinforcers?
  Social and Nonsocial Reinforcers
  Children Train Parents
  Accidental Training and Dependency
Section 2: Changing Undesirable Behavior
  How to Observe and Count
  Time Out: Punishment for Little People
Section 3: Normal Problems, Normal Children
  So Your Child Teases
  Toilet Training Three-Year-Olds
  Bed-Wetting: A Simple First Approach
  Temper Tantrums
  The Midnight Intruder
  To Bed or Not to Bed
Section 4: Problem Children
  The Coercive Child
  The Child Who Steals
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