Parents and Adolescents Living Together

Part 1: The Basics
Second Edition
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780878225163
Item Number: 5238

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Part 1: The Basics provides parents with the skills they need to survive the teenage years. Shows how to apply common-sense techniques to prevent problems and provide support for growth and development. 

This volume helps achieve a good balance between protecting adolescents from serious trouble, while giving them enough freedom to try out new experiences.

Book Review

“This two-part handbook on living with a teenager is divided between The Basics and Family Problem Solving. The former analyzes the psychology of family units and obstacles to adolescent compliance, guides parents toward making helpful requests and provides a system of monitoring and modeling appropriate behavior using printed dialogues.”

Youth Today

Contents—Part 1: The Basics


    Introduction: The Importance of the Family as a Social Unit

    • The Problems Faced by Modern Families
    • Working, Playing, and Loving
    • The Readiness to Be Socialized
    • Love: A Necessary but Not Sufficient Ingredient
    • Adolescents
    • Homework Assignment
  1. Teaching Compliance and the Readiness to Be Socialized
    • When Things Fall Apart: The Antisocial Triad
    • Three Levels of Compliance Training
    • House Rules
    • Homework Assignment
  2. Using Requests That Work
    • Act 1: Auntie Pasta Needs Help
    • Working on Noncompliance
    • Some Changes Are Forthcoming
    • Request Recording Chart
    • Request/Compliance Chart
    • Homework Assignment
  3. Monitoring and Tracking—The Basics for Involved Parents
    • Monitoring: Seeing the Big Picture
    • Act 1: Paula Get Her Way
    • Tracking: Learning to Notice the Little Things
    • Tracking Some Typical Adolescent Behaviors
    • Telling Your Adolescent about Tracking
    • The Second Attempt
    • Labeling and Recording Behavior
    • Tracking Chart
    • Homework Assignment
  4. Teaching through Encouragement
    • A Contingent Environment Is Predictable
    • Using Encouragement and Reinforcement
    • Helping Your Children Grow by Accentuating the Positive
    • Compliance/Reward Chart
    • Goal Steps/Reward Chart
    • Homework Assignment
  5. Setting Up Point Charts
    • Nine Steps for Building a Point Chart
    • Using Backup Rewards
    • Setting Up a Point Chart
    • Weekly Point Chart
    • Homework Assignment

Discipline—Unit One

  • Introduction
  • How to Do It
  • Five Guidelines for Good Punishments
  • Modified Weekly Point Chart
  • Homework Assignment

Discipline—Unit Two

  • The All-Time Star in the Punishment Hall of Fame: The Five-Minute Work Chore
  • Short and Long Chores
  • Act I: Ida the Irritable
  • Act II: Ida the Indomitable
  • Act III: Cleaning the Augean Stables
  • Act IV: Some Changes Are Forthcoming
  • Eight Steps for Using the Five-Minute Work Chore
  • Privilege Removal: The Backup Punishment of Choice
  • Homework Assignment

Discipline—Unit Three

  • Using Longer Work Chores for More Serious Problems
  • Act I: The Midnight Rider (teen arrives home after midnight)
  • Act II: The Midnight Rider (parents discuss punishment options)
  • Act III: The Summit Meeting (next day, consequences are presented)
  • Fines
  • The “Nap” (cooling off option to consequences)
  • Homework Assignment
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