A Couple's Guide to Communication

Pages: 252
ISBN: 9780878221271
Item Number: 1271

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The skills and techniques introduced are based on the way distressed and nondistressed couples differ when solving problems.

Each chapter includes practice exercises to help couples master the problem-solving techniques presented.

Appendices contain problem inventories for husband and wife, a knowledge assessment self-test, and a trouble-shooting guide.

Although this book was written to be used primarily by couples, it has become a bestselling text for college counseling courses.

Book Reviews

“Laced with projects, logic, and communication-builders for disparate marital partners . . . Its effectiveness will stem from the broad scope and well-rounded nature of the work.”

—William C. Waters, The Family Coordinator

“A useful resource for leaders of marriage enrichment events, as well as a workbook for couples.”

Marriage Enrichment

“This Guide holds out to couples the promise of concrete, specific skills for dealing with commonly faced marital problems . . . The material in this book is useful and would spur therapists’ own creativity as they select those techniques which can be put together for use with specific couples.”

Journal of Psychology, Theology

Preface for the Couple
Preface for the Professional
Chapter 1 Listening and Validation
Chapter 2 Leveling
Chapter 3 Editing
Chapter 4 Negotiating Agreements
Chapter 5 Hidden Agendas
Chapter 6 Solving Your Sexual Problems
Chapter 7 Getting Through A Crisis
Chapter 8 Making A Good Thing Better
Chapter 9 Getting Out of a Bad Marriage
Appendix A: Husband's Problem Inventory
           Wife's Problem Inventory
Appendix B: Knowledge Assessment Self-Test
Appendix C: Troubleshooting Guide
Appendix D: The Up Deck
Appendix E: The Fun Deck
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