Stress Management for Adolescents

A Cognitive-Behavioral Program
Program Guide and audio CD
Pages: 146
ISBN: 9780878224449
Item Number: 5162

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Enhances the ability of middle and high school students to reduce stress and handle stressful situations in their daily lives—for use in classroom or small group settings.

The Program Guide provides scripted sessions, instructions, worksheets, visual aids, and motivational activities. Pretests and posttests are included to measure levels of stress, ability to handle stress, and the effectiveness of various coping strategies.

A copy of the Scanning Relaxation audio CD is included with the Program Guide.

The Student Manual is an integral part of the program and is necessary to implement the program.

Program Objectives

This stress management program is designed to help students achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understand the nature of stress and its impact on health and behavior.
  2. Recognize the stressors and signs of stress in their own lives.
  3. Recognize the cognitive components of stress, especially the effects of one’s automatic thoughts and internal dialogue on appraisal of stressors.
  4. Learn various relaxation methods to reduce muscle tension related to stress.
  5. Learn cognitive techniques to increase accurate appraisal of stressors.
  6. Learn specific behavioral techniques for reducing the degree of stress and distress.
  7. Learn a problem-solving strategy for dealing with situations that are stressors or potential stressors.
  8. Integrate cognitive and behavioral coping strategies in their daily lives.

Book Review

“This curriculum is executed thoroughly and step-by-step. It instructs how to teach relaxation and regulatory skills. It goes beyond many relaxation programs in terms of its scope, which broadens to include mindfulness, actions (versus reactions), and problem-solving strategies.”

Social Work with Groups

  • Program Overview
  • Preliminary Session: Pretesting and Program Orientation
  • Session 1: Identifying Stress
  • Session 2: Distress/The Alarm Reaction
  • Session 3: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Session 4: Self-Talk
  • Session 5: Calm Body, Clear Mind
  • Session 6: Meaning/Real or False Alarm
  • Session 7: Calming Actions
  • Session 8: Putting It All Together/Role Playing
  • Session 9: Problem-Solving Actions
  • Session 10: Personal Tension Spots/General Review
  • Final Session: General Review/Program Evaluation
  • Appendix A: Relaxation Scripts
  • Appendix B: Program Forms
  • Appendix C: Figures
  • Appendix D: Program Evaluation Measures

de Anda, D.; Darroch, P.; Davidson, M.; Gilly, J.; & Morejon, A. (1990). Stress Management for Pregnant Adolescents and Adolescent Mothers: A Pilot Study. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, February, 1990.

Trainees: Pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers.

Experimental design: 5-week stress management program for pregnant adolescents and adolescent mothers emphasizing deep muscle relaxation and cognitive control methods with 23 experimental and 12 control subjects.

Results: The experimental group demonstrated a significantly greater reduction in cognitive and affective manifestations of stress and an increased belief in their ability to deal with stress.

de Anda, D. (1998). The evaluation of a Stress Management Program for middle school adolescents. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1, February, 1998.

Trainees: 36 middle school adolescents, 18 of them served as controls.

Experimental design: A pretest posttest control group design was employed to determine the effectiveness of a ten-week stress management program for middle school adolescents.

Results: The experimental subjects reported a significant increase in the use of cognitive control coping strategies, in the effectiveness of adaptive coping strategies, and in the ratio of the use of adaptive versus maladaptive coping strategies. The experimental group reported significantly lower degrees of stress than those in the control group.

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