Relaxation and Self-Regulation Techniques for Children and Teens

Mastering the Mind-Body Connection
(Audio CD - 64 minutes)
ISBN: 9780878226573
Item Number: 6621

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This relaxation audio CD offers children and teens a variety of techniques for creating inner calm, mental clarity and focus, and beneficial physiological changes.

Relaxation exercises can help to reduce oxidative stress, improve sleep, and provide a feel of wellness. The recordings help increase awareness of one’s physiological and cognitive reactions to stress and anxiety and provide the opportunity to practice skills within each track to manage them. Based on empirically supported approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and borrowing from Buddhist meditation, the audio CD is the perfect accompaniment to the Resilience Builder Program for Children and Adolescents book—or effective on its own.

The CD is designed to foster self-regulation, which begins with an awareness of the mind-body connection and allows individuals to calm their thoughts, their body, and their emotional reactions to stressful situations. The female and male authors offer soothing voices that promote a calming experience. Recordings can be used at home or school, before sports activities or competitions to enhance focus and calm, or before or during bedtime. Listeners can use the recordings to help them prepare for challenging or stressful situations such as exams, bedtime, or separation, as well as for managing interpersonal conflicts. In addition, coping thoughts and actions are taught, and the listener is guided through practice of these skills.

The format of the CD lends itself to use in group settings as well. For example, teachers, coaches, music instructors, mental health professionals, and medical professionals can use recordings with the groups with whom they interact.

Tracks of varying lengths are devoted to calm and attentive breathing techniques, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and self-talk.

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  1. Calm Breathing 4:16
  2. One-Nostril Breathing 7:09
  3. Attentive Breathing (Long) 8:56
  4. Visualization (Long) 6:34
  5. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Long) 11:58
  6. Self-Talk 6:40
  7. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Short) 3:55
  8. Attentive Breathing (Short) 4:00
  9. Mindfulness 6:02
  10. Visualization (Short) 4:15
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