Ready . . . Set . . . R.E.L.A.X.

A Research-Based Program of Relaxation, Learning, and Self-Esteem
Pages: 204
ISBN: 9780963602701
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Grades 1-6. This comprehensive program provides specific, skill-based relaxation activities and a systematic process for applying these skills at school, at home, and in the community.

Students are empowered to take an active and productive role in handling the many stressors they may face in various situations. Effective for small group or individual use.

Part I—Stress, Relaxation, and the Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Program

  1. Stress and Our Children
  2. Effects of Stress
  3. Methods of Relaxation
  4. Intervention Strategies
  5. Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Research
  6. Using the Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Program

Part II—The Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Program Scripts

Release Scripts

  • Relaxing Arms and Hands
  • Relaxing Legs and Feet
  • Relaxing Shoulders, Neck, and Face
  • Relaxing Lower Body
  • Relaxing Upper Body
  • Relaxing the Whole Body
  • Quick Relaxation Exercise
  • Body Breathing—My breathing is slow and deep.
  • Push and Relax—Releasing tension relaxes me.
  • Breath In, Breath Out—I am special.
  • Letting Go—I am calm and relaxed.
  • Rainbow Walking—My mind is open and free.
  • Wash Away Tension—I feel calm and at peace.
  • Stairway To Relaxation—I use my senses to relax.
  • Cloud of Calmness—I can let go and relax.
  • Solar Energy—I am filled with a creative energy.
  • Rolling Waves—I am able to relax myself.
  • Color Connecting—I am energetic.
  • Big Balloon—I can breath out tension.

Enjoy Scripts

  • Toy Store Trip—I am never too old to play and be happy.
  • Fall Fireworks—I enjoy nature’s beauty.
  • Popcorn Fun—I enjoy using my imagination.
  • The Complete Meal—I enjoy being with others during special times.
  • A Little Adventure—I am happy being me.
  • Airborne—I have much to see and enjoy in my life.
  • Candy Store—No task is too large because I am full of energy.
  • Bouncing Ball—When I am down I can bounce back.
  • Hidden Heroes—I feel good about who I am.
  • Bicycle Trip—I feel confident about who I am.
  • Star Gazing—My mind is creative and free.

Learn Scripts

  • Rainbow Wear—When I am relaxed, my body and mind work well.
  • Bubble Blowing—A mind holds many ideas.
  • A Walk in the Rain—I remember what I learn.
  • Exploration—I enjoy learning new things.
  • Lost Land—Where there is an opportunity for learning, I go for it.
  • Inspiration—I can express myself through writing.
  • Listen—I am a good listener.
  • Finding Treasure—Reading will help me learn wonderful things.
  • Book Adventure—Reading can take me anywhere.
  • Test Preparation—Achievement Tests—Day 1
  • Test Preparation—Achievement Tests—Day 2
  • Test Preparation—Achievement Tests—Day 3
  • Test Preparation—Achievement or General Testing (short form)

Appreciate Scripts

  • Good News—I am good news.
  • Pillar of Strength—I am important to myself and others.
  • Pumpkin Patch—Being different is okay.
  • Attic Visit—I have many good memories.
  • Get Away—Relaxing can help me solve problems.
  • One Of A Kind—There is only one person in the world like me.
  • Self Sculpture—Growing and changing can be good for me.
  • Mysterious Music—I learn about people before I judge them.
  • Endless Stream—Sharing with others makes me feel good.
  • Around the World—All people on earth have many things in common.
  • Surprise Season—Seasons change and so do I.
  • Drawer Full of Memories—I feel love and joy in my life.

X-Pand Scripts

  • Pleasant Dreams—I go to sleep easily at night.
  • Fish Story—I have the patience to keep trying.
  • Going Places—Exercise helps me feel better.
  • Hidden Beauty—I always look at the positive side of things.
  • Smoke Signals—I tell someone I trust when I am hurt inside.
  • Happy Landings—I respect the earth and living things.
  • Something From Nothing—When I am bored, I find something to do.
  • Winning Attitude—I think positive thoughts when I am nervous.
  • Paint A Picture—I make the right decisions because I care about myself.
  • Time Travel—I feel positive about my future.
  • Dream On—I dream happy dreams.

Part III—Appendixes

A: Introductory Letter to Parents
B: Ideas for Teacher Inservice
C: Ideas for Student Presentation
D: Ideas for Parental Inservice
E: Student Questionnaire/Evaluation
F: Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Student Journal
G: Ready, Set, R.E.L.A.X. Completion Award

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