The Prepare Curriculum

Teaching Prosocial Competencies
Revised Edition
Pages: 910
ISBN: 9780878224197
Item Number: 5063

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The Prepare Curriculum

The Prepare Curriculum presents a series of 10 course-length interventions grouped into three areas: reducing aggression, reducing stress, and reducing prejudice. This well-researched manual has been revised and expanded to include updated materials, procedures, and 93 supplementary exercises.

This program is designed for use with middle school and high school students and can also be adapted for use with younger students. The 93 supplementary exercises involve games, role plays, reading and writing, drawing, brainstorming, group discussion, relaxation, tape recordings, photography, and other hands-on activities. The book examines important issues such as behavior management, assessment, motivation, and transfer and maintenance of skills.

Shown below are two episodes of Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. One episode features co-editor Mark Amedola and the second podcast features co-editor Dr. Robert Oliver. For Research Press, host Elizabeth Hess interviews both editors about their work and their work with Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein, psychologist and author of The Prepare Curriculum, creator of Skillstreaming and developer of key principles in Aggression Replacement Training.

Part I—Aggression Reduction
Skillstreaming, Skillstreaming Skills for Adolescents, Skillstreaming Checklists and Grouping Chart, Supplementary Exercises
Situational Perception Training, Supplementary Exercises
Anger Control Training, Supplementary Exercises
Moral Reasoning Training, Moral Reasoning Problem Situations, Supplementary Exercises
Part II—Stress Reduction
Stress Management Training, Supplementary Exercises
Problem-Solving Training, Supplementary Exercises
Recruiting Supportive Models, Supplementary Exercises
Part III—Prejudice Reduction
Empathy Training, Supplementary Exercises
Cooperation Training, Supplementary Exercises
Understanding and Using Groups, Supplementary Exercises
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