Anger Control Training

Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guide
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ISBN: 9780878226849
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Edited by Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver, this and other Prepare Curriculum Implementation Guides are intended to further Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein’s seminal work, The Prepare Curriculum: Teaching Prosocial Competencies.

In conjunction with Dr. Goldstein’s Prepare Curriculum, the guides describe and give direction to the continued expansion of Prepare methods, offering practitioners coherent, evidence-based approaches for enhancing the social, emotional, and decision-making abilities of adolescents and younger children.

Shown below are two episodes of Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. One episode features co-editor Mark Amedola and the second podcast features co-editor Dr. Robert Oliver. For Research Press, host Elizabeth Hess interviews both editors about their work and their work with Dr. Arnold P. Goldstein, psychologist and author of The Prepare Curriculum, creator of Skillstreaming and developer of key principles in Aggression Replacement Training.

Book Review

“These manuals are thoroughly researched and crisply written. The authors and editors present an excellent understanding of group dynamics and propose very stable curricula. Though highly structured, both novice and seasoned professionals will find the manuals instructive, serious, and doable.”

—Alison Hahn Johnson, MSSW, LCSW, LMFT
Social Work With Groups

Foreword by Larry K. Brendtro
Preface by Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver
Introduction: About the Prepare Curriculum by Clive R. Hollin
Part 1: Theoretical Foundation and Program Overview
Part 2: Anger Control Training Sessions
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Triggers (External/Internal), Cues, and Anger Reducers
Session 3: Triggers (External/Internal), Cues, and Anger Reducers
Session 4: Reminders
Session 5: Thinking Ahead
Session 6: Self-Evaluation
Session 7: The Conflict Cycle
Session 8: Rehearsal of Full Sequence and Addition of Skillstreaming Skills
Session 9: Rehearsal of Full Sequence and Skillstreaming Skills
Session 10: Rehearsal of Full Sequence and Skillstreaming Skills/Overall Review
Appendix A: Deep Breathing, Guided Imagery, and Self-Instructional Reminders
Appendix B: Anger Control Training Implementation Materials

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Education and Treatment Alternatives, Inc. (ETA) has provided Aggression Replacement Training® since 1998.  The Model is designed to assure Model adherence and sustainability.  ETA provides Aggression Replacement Training® practice training, coaching and monitoring activities.  Aggression Replacement Training® is an intervention designed for aggressive adolescents and children.  Its component procedures are:

  1. Skillstreaming – which teaches a curriculum of prosocial, interpersonal skills (i.e. what to do instead of aggression)
  2. Anger Control Training – to teach youth how to recognize and control angry feelings “what not to do if provoked.”
  3. Moral Reasoning Training – to promote values that respect the rights of others, and help youth want to use the interpersonal and anger management skills taught.

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