Family TIES

A Family-Based Intervention to Complement Prepare®, ART®, and TIES Youth Groups
Pages: 186
ISBN: 9780878226740
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Family TIES is a group program designed for family members or significant others of youth enrolled in Prepare®, Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®), or Training in Essential Skills (TIES) sessions.

This family program consists of 11 sessions, plus a booster session. Designed to augment youth group instruction and help parents become their adolescent children’s behavior coaches, these lively sessions give family members and their adolescent children the opportunity to work together to learn prosocial skills and anger control techniques. This knowledge gives families the confidence to resolve conflicts appropriately and the opportunity to build trust among family members.

Appendixes include skill checklists, skill posters and skill cards, skill practice and recording forms, and supplementary exercises. The CD originally provided for all reproducible forms is now available as a download.

Figures and Tables
Part 1: Introduction to the Family TIES Program
Chapter 1—About the Program
Chapter 2—Program Implementation Guide
Part 2: Family TIES Sessions
Session 1—Connecting with Parents and Introducing
Family TIES
Session 2—Introducing Social Skills and Preparing Parents
for Role-Playing
Session 3—Teaching Skills: Making a Complaint Constructively
Session 4—Teaching Skills: Negotiating
Session 5—Working Together: Parents and Youth
Session 6—Angry Behavior Cycle Situations
Session 7—Role-Playing Relevant Issues
Session 8—Trust Account
Session 9—Role-Play, Role-Play, Role-Play
Session 10—Parents as Coaches
Session 11—Recognition and Wrap-Up
Booster Session
Appendix A—Skill Checklists
Family TIES Parent Skill Checklist
Family TIES Youth Skill Checklist
Appendix B—Skill Cards
Appendix C—Skill Practice and Session Recording Forms
Family TIES Parent/Youth Skill Practice Form
Family TIES Session Recording Form
Appendix D—Brainteasers
Appendix E—Supplementary Exercises
Appendix F—Adolescent Skillstreaming Skills
Appendix G—Session Evaluation Checklists
Family TIES Facilitator’s Checklist
Family TIES Observer’s Checklist
About the Authors
  • Preface (describes the Family TIES program and history)
  • Sample Session (Session 7: Role-Playing Relevant Issues)

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