The Teen Relationship Workbook

Pages: 135
ISBN: 9781893277038
Item Number: 8266


Grades 7-12. This one-of-a-kind book contains 68 reproducible worksheets for helping teens develop healthy relationships and prevent or end abusive relationships. The workbook addresses emotional, verbal, financial, physical, and sexual abuse. It can be used in educational settings, support groups, or individual counseling sessions. The book is accompanied by a CD that allows users to print out the reproducible worksheets.

1. Evaluating Your Relationship

  • My Support Map
  • Evaluating My Relationship
  • How Healthy is My Relationship?
  • Quiz: What Would You Do . ?
  • Different Types of Relationships
  • 3 Kinds of Love
  • How My Relationship Affects My Life
  • Balancing You, Me and Us

2. Understanding Abuse

  • Myths & Facts on Domestic Violence & Teen Relationship Abuse
  • Understanding Power and Control
  • Understanding Equality
  • Focus on Emotional Abuse
  • Case Study: Emotional Abuse
  • Focus on Physical Abuse
  • Focus on Sexual Abuse
  • Painful Memory
  • Focus on Sexual Harassment
  • The Cycle of Abuse
  • 21 Warning Signs of an Abusive Person
  • Why People Stay in Abusive Relationships

3. Social Influences

  • Gender Roles: Men & Women
  • Gender Roles: Where Do I Stand?
  • The Gender Roles Around Us
  • My Relationship Role Models
  • Choosing My Relationship Values
  • What’s Age Got to Do with It?
  • Violence at Home

4. Building Healthy Relationships

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Relationship
  • What to Look for in a Partner
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Practicing Boundary Setting
  • How Do You Relate?
  • Assert Yourself with “I” Statements
  • Building Self-Esteem through Positive Self-Talk
  • Action Plan for Improving My Self-Esteem
  • Let’s Talk about Sex
  • The Relationship Bill of Rights

5. Making Good Decisions

  • Contract with Myself
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Goals for Improving My Relationship
  • Ending a Relationship
  • Dealing with a Breakup
  • Safety Plan
  • Orders of Protection
  • Is My Relationship Ready for a Baby? Am I?
  • For My Partner & Me: Decisions About Having a Baby
  • The Effects of Relationship Abuse on Children
  • Acquaintance Rape: What You Can Do to Avoid It!
  • How to Help a Friend


  • Relationship Crossword Puzzle
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