The Self-Esteem Program

Inventories, Activities, and Educational Handouts
Pages: 108
ISBN: 9781893277106
Item Number: 8283

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Grades 6-adult. This practical resource of assessments and activities helps participants in a responsible, interactive way learn more about themselves and their self-esteem.

Teachers, counselors , group leaders or therapists can use this book with adolescents and adults, individually or in groups. The spiral-bound volume includes five modules on five relevant topics:

  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Conflict Resolution Style
  • Interpersonal Style
  • Social Risk-Taking
  • Social Support

Informal self-assessments provide opportunities for awareness in a non-threatening format and can be easily administered, scored and interpreted. Pre-and post-tests, personal insights and step-by-step group experience activities correspond to each assessment. All pages are reproducible for direct client and student use.

Body-Image and Self Image Module

  • Pre-/Post-Test
  • Body Image and Self-Image Scale (BISIS)
  • Profile Interpretations
  • Exercises
    • My Body
    • My Appearance
    • My Critical Self
    • My Positive Self
    • Health and Physical Fitness

Decision-Making Effectiveness Module

  • Pre-/Post-Test
  • Decision-Making Effectiveness Inventory (DMEI)
  • Profile Interpretations
    • Scale I—Planful
    • Scale II—Spontaneous
    • Scale III—Fearful
    • Scale IV—Dependent
  • Exercises
    • Making Significant Decisions
    • Living with Your Decisions
    • Don’t Procrastinate
    • The Decision-Making Process

Personal Responsibility Module

  • Pre-/Post-Test
  • Personal Responsibility Scale (PRS)
  • Profile Interpretations
  • Exercises
    • Accepting Responsibility for Your Actions
    • Identifying Your Purpose in Life
    • Making Effective Decisions
    • Setting Appropriate Goals

Self-Esteem Module

  • Pre-/Post-Test
  • Self-Esteem Scale (SES)
  • Profile Interpretations
  • Exercises
    • All About Me
    • Pride
    • Self-Assessment
    • How I Like Myself

Values Motivation Module

  • Pre-/Post-Test
  • Values Motivation Inventory (VMI)
  • Exercises
    • Understanding Your Value Scores
    • Value Description Guide
    • Values Exploration
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