Teen Sense Game

Ages 13-18
Item Number: 8409


This unique board game (for use in grades 6-12) gives adolescents an opportunity to consider, discuss, and resolve uncomfortable, embarrassing, or problematic interpersonal situations. As players move around the game board, they respond to tough questions about friends, family, physical changes, drug and alcohol choices, and intimacy in relationships. For 2 to 6 players or teams.

The Teen Sense Game is designed to give adolescents a chance to consider and discuss difficult issues that may crop up in their daily lives. By asking them to look at and try to resolve uncomfortable or problematic interpersonal situations, it gives them practice working out relationships with their peers and with the adults in their lives.

The point of the game is to allow participants to explore each issue freely. The leader’s job is to listen to and validate answers, prompt further discussion, and request other suggestions when appropriate. The leader should not judge students’ contributions. The game is full of emotionally charged material, and the way students react to it will depend on their individual personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. The leader should praise them for taking risks in answering difficult questions and exposing their feelings. Similarly, the leader must not allow players to put down others for their answers.

Because some of the game cards present situations involving sexual activity (including homosexual behavior) and the use of drugs and alcohol, it is recommended that adults review all cards prior to play and remove any that may be inappropriate for a particular group of teens. Blank cards are provided for creating additional questions.

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