Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz

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Kids think they need to be super to conquer the challenges holding them back from being heroic in everyday life. In Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz®, kids will learn how to master simple but essential character skills like the 12 superheroes who are The Essentialz.

In this book, each of the characters represents an important trait to teach students how to be comfortable in their own skin. This program is not only fun and engaging, but dialogue-provoking as well. Kids learn that even superheroes have flaws, which makes it easy for students to identify with the characters.

In Teach the Essentials of Good Character with The Essentialz®, each character has an intriguing backstory, compelling personality traits or quirks, and a private challenge they must conquer that should be very familiar to the participants.

Character Education curriculum focuses on the following set of core values:

  • Respect/Manners
  • Honesty/Trustworthiness
  • Fairness/Justice
  • Responsibility/Accountability
  • Caring/Tolerance of Others
  • Good Citizenship

A fundamental principle behind Character Education is social emotional learning. Social psychologists discovered that many behaviors are learned either through conditioning or through modeling.

This entertaining book is a great resource for counselors, teachers, and psychologists to present the importance of good character in everyone. An accompanying slide show is available as a free download.

Shown below is the latest author interview featured on Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. Elizabeth Hess interviews school psychologist and author Paul Cicchini about his colorful creation of The Essentialz and how they can help advance character education.

School psychologist and author, Paul Cicchini, explains his SEL character-building curriculum in the video that uses his own original diverse group of teen superheroes, THE ESSENTIALZ, to teach character education.


“This book is an essential addition to the toolkit of all counselors, psychologists, and others working with youth. Paul Cicchini’s idea of having superheroes that embody virtues and SEL skills is an act of practical genius.”

—Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D., Director, Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab,

“Paul Cicchini draws on the popularity of superheroes to create stories of positive character traits which can engage students of all ages. This is an effective way to help students see the importance of adapting beneficial character traits in their own lives.”

—William H. Trusheim, Ed.D., President, New Jersey Alliance for Social, Emotional, and Character Development Resource Center

“This activity program is both a character compass and a moral-psychology guide for the adult leader and youthful participants. What is striking about this book is its potential for adaption by those interested in the assessment and importance of character education.”

—John C. Lestino, MA LPC, School Psychologist, Edgewater Park School District, Edgewater Park, New Jersey

Chapter 1
Overview: The Need for Character Education
Chapter 2
The Basics of Character Education and Social–Emotional Learning
Chapter 3
Holding Out for a Hero: Why Our Kids Connect with Superheroes
Chapter 4
The Essentialz
Chapter 5
Rockie and Loyalty
Chapter 6
Arsenal and Living by a Code of Honor
Chapter 7
Maker and Being a Good Team Member
Chapter 8
Hydro and Honesty
Chapter 9
Triton and Forgiveness
Chapter 10
Fisk, Overcoming Disabilities and Discrimination
Chapter 11
Turbine and Overcoming Fear
Chapter 12
Dark Matter and Responsibility
Chapter 13
The Eagle and Good Citizenship
Chapter 14
Fuega and Controlling Anger
Chapter 15
Tempus and Caring (and Respect)
Chapter 16
Sparks and Leadership
Chapter 17
Female Comic Book Heroes and Stereotypes
Chapter 18
The Essentialz and Teamwork
Chapter 19
Real-Life Superheroes from History
Chapter 20
Everyday Heroes
Chapter 21
Making the Final Connection—Kids Can Be Super
Chapter 22
Expanding the Program
Appendix A: Super Women
Girl Power Bingo
Clues for Girl Power Bingo

The accompanying slideshow (available in PowerPoint and PDF formats) as well as the reproducible material is available on our downloads page.

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