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Moral Dilemmas that Build Character
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781931334051
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Features 62 stories of unresolved moral dilemmas and includes discussion questions and activities that will encourage students in grades 4-8 to think about moral behavior in real life situations and reflect on their own behavior.

Helps develop positive character traits such as kindness, responsibility, sportsmanship, loyalty, honesty, courage, cooperation, teamwork, pride, compassion, sharing, persistence, generosity, optimism, and fairness.

Lesson Format

Each lesson has three components:

  1. An introductory story of an unresolved moral dilemma. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on possible solutions and think about the moral issues involved.
  2. A written activity that reinforces the character traits used in resolving the dilemma.
  3. A second story of a moral dilemma for class or homework. The goal is to build student character by repetition—moral dilemma, reflection activity, and application of the character traits to a second story.
  1. Kindness
    • Story: A Saturday Run
    • Activity Worksheet: To Do or Not to Do
    • Story: Ohpa
  2. Prudence
    • Story: Clancy
    • Activity Worksheet: The Third Sister
    • Story: The Swimming Hole
  3. Responsibility
    • Story: No Sweets, Please
    • Activity Worksheet: Being Responsible
    • Story: Chance of a Lifetime
  4. Sportsmanship
    • Story: Someone Loses
    • Activity Worksheet: Sportsmanship
    • Story: Checkers
  5. Optimism
    • Story: Gina’s Broken Leg
    • Activity Worksheet: Disguised Blessings
    • Story: With a Little Bit of Help
  6. Conscientiousness
    • Story: Annie’s Weekend
    • Activity Worksheet: What is it with These Conscientious People
    • Story: Mom’s Present
  7. Forgiveness
    • Story: Substitute Manager
    • Activity Worksheet: Forgive and Forget
    • Story: A Discordant Note
  8. Friendship
    • Story: Louis Doesn’t Show
    • Activity Worksheet: Friends
    • Story: Three Guys
  9. Forbearance
    • Story: Steve’s Allowance
    • Activity Worksheet: Grin and Bear It
    • Story: A Good Pair of Shoes
  10. Loyalty
    • Story: The Big Game
    • Activity Worksheet: Loyalties
    • Story: Friends and Schools
  11. Intolerance
    • Story: The Senior Prom
    • Activity Worksheet: “I Can’t Stand Them!”
    • Story: Oh Henry
  12. Gratitude
    • Story: “Happy Birthday, Mom”
    • Activity Worksheet: Gratitude
    • Story: Wise Guys
  13. Fairness/Honesty
    • Story: Karen and Harry
    • Activity Worksheet: A Sprinting Father
    • Story: A Lucky Guy
  14. Thoughtfulness
    • Story: Tammy’s Cookies
    • Activity Worksheet: Anticipation
    • Story: The Big Meet
  15. Cooperation/Teamwork
    • Story: Winners Take a Walk
    • Activity Worksheet: It Takes Two
    • Story: The Goof-Off
  16. Good Will
    • Story: The Back-Biter
    • Activity Worksheet: Good Will
    • Story: Melrose
  17. Courage
    • Story: Deerly Beloved
    • Activity Worksheet: Fear
    • Story: Blending
  18. Tact
    • Story: Cybernuts
    • Activity Worksheet: Before You Speak
    • Story: Soft Words
  19. Conscience
    • Story: An Early Date
    • Activity Worksheet: What Are the Issues
    • Story: The Skit
  20. Pride
    • Story: A Big “K”
    • Activity Worksheet: Pride
    • Story: Cars
  21. Cowardice/Truthfulness
    • Story: A Sticky Problem
    • Activity Worksheet: Four Fears
    • Story: Safety
  22. Truthfulness/Honesty
    • Story: The Invitation
    • Activity Worksheet: Partials
    • Story: To Tell the Truth
  23. Charitableness
    • Story: Carmen
    • Activity Worksheet: The Benefit of the Doubt
    • Story: The Box
  24. Envy
    • Story: Melva’s Problem
    • Activity Worksheet: Who Cares
    • Story: Teacher’s Pet
  25. Compassion
    • Story: Bus Stop Bully
    • Activity Worksheet: What Can You Do
    • Story: A Kind Heart
  26. Sharing
    • Story: Ramon’s Dilemma
    • Activity Worksheet: Sharing
    • Story: Irving Takes a Job
  27. Persistence/Truthfulness
    • Story: The Project
    • Activity Worksheet: What Do You Say
    • Story: The Test
  28. Tardiness/Consideration of Others
    • Story: “Speedy”
    • Activity Worksheets: All Alone or Timely Planning
    • Story: Marcy Changes
  29. Generosity
    • Story: Giving Ways
    • Activity Worksheet: Unhealthy Giving
    • Story: The Secret
  30. Rumor/Gossip
    • Story: Rumors Are Flying
    • Activity Worksheet: Acrostics
    • Story: Little Brother
  31. Unselfishness
    • Story: Playing His Part
    • Activity Worksheet: Me Second
    • Story: The Party
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