Life Lessons for Young Adolescents

An Advisory Guide for Teachers
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9780878223435
Item Number: 4670

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Life Lessons for Young Adolescents provides 94 group activities that are interesting, enjoyable, and most important—relevant to students’ social and personal development.

These well-planned activities are short and simple, require minimal materials, and can be completed during homeroom or advisory periods. The book also provides helpful guidelines on group size, format and scheduling, group facilitation skills, handling common group problems, and more.

Book Reviews

Life Lessons for Young Adolescents serves as a terrific addition to any advisory program. It contains a variety of high interest level activities as well as hands-on experiences to help students learn about themselves and others and to encourage students’ individual developments.”

AIMS Newsletter, Association of Illinois Middle Schools

“It is particularly useful to a school psychologist who does a substantial amount of group counseling/classroom presentations; has a limited amount of funds for professional materials; and has a limited amount of time for preparation of activities.”

—Corlee A. Fink, Communique, National Association of School Psychologists

“Very practical and worth a permanent spot on a youth pastor’s desk.”

Youthworker Update

Unit One: Building a Team
  Boundary Breakers and Energizers
   1 The Purpose of an Advisory Group
   2 Rules for Advisory Groups
   3 The Name Game
   4 Find Someone Who...
   5 Who Am I?
   6 What We Enjoy
   7 Name Your Group
   8 Mural of Expressions
   9 Teacher Interview
  10 Scavenger Hunt
  11 You + Me = Us
  12 I Am Most Like...
Unit Two: School Success
  13 Know Your School
  14 School Bingo
  15 School Trivia
  16 Your School As You See It
  17 Rights and Responsibilities
  18 Classroom Rules Prepare Us for Life
  19 Study Tips
  20 Monthly Planning
  21 Asking for Help
  22 Who's Got the Time?
  23 Wellness and Learning
  24 Organization Is the Key
  25 Individual Goal Setting
  26 Thank-You Notes
  27 Challenging School Situations
  28 Preparing for Next Year
  Words for Discussion
Unit Three: Celebrate Yourself
  29 Yin and Yang
  30 Take Home a Sack: Accepting Compliments
  31 Feelings Charades
  32 A Special Tribute
  33 Personal Qualities
  34 Self-Esteem Assessment
  35 What's Your Opinion?
  36 Fears
  37 Self-Talk
  38 Setting Goals
  39 In the Future
  40 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
  41 You're in the News
  42 Signs of Stress
  43 Stressful Life Events
  44 Heroes
  45 Talking About Coping
  46 Short Activities About Self
  Words for Discussion
Unit Four: Communication and Conflict Resolution
  47 Focus on Listening
  48 Show You're Listening
  49 Dealing With Put-Downs
  50 Being Assertive: How to Say No and Mean It
  51 The Accident Report
  52 Clear Communications
  53 Steps in Decision Making
  54 Brainstorming
  55 Conflict in the News
  56 Understanding Conflict
  57 Contest or Conflict
  58 Brainstorming Solutions to Conflict Situations
  59 Negotiation
  60 The Mediation Process
  61 Tough Decisions Box
  62 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  63 Conflict in Children's Books
  64 Choosing to Become Angry
  65 Short Activities About Conflict
  Words for Discussion
Unit Five: Relating to Others
  66 Fishbowl of Feelings
  67 Looking at Relationships
  68 Qualities in a Friend
  69 Girlfriends and Boyfriends
  70 Making Friends
  71 To Date or Not to Date?
  72 Love Is...
  73 Down in the Dumps
  74 Growing Up and Growing Old
  75 Sneak Attack
  76 Cultures in Your School
  77 We Are All Different
  78 Countries of Origin
  79 Corner to Corner
  80 Tolerance
  81 Reducing Prejudice
  82 Sex-Role Stereotypes
  Words for Discussion
Unit Six: Your Community
  83 Community Research
  84 Public Officials in Your Community
  85 Using the Yellow Pages
  86 Social Agencies to Know
  87 Recreational Fun
  88 Discovering New Careers
  89 What's My Career?
  90 Adopt a Group
  91 Our School Community
  92 Seasonal Events
  93 Fund-Raisers
  94 Community Letter Writing
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