Life Skills

225 Ready-to-Use Health Activities for Success and Well-Being
Grades 6-12
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9780787969592
Item Number: 8135

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Life Skills is a practical resource that gives teachers 225 ready-to-use worksheets that cover a wide variety of key life skills for children and adolescents in grades 6-12.

This book addresses topics such as drug and alcohol use, sex, relationships, stress, food-related issues, and self-esteem. This book is an easy-to-use, time-saving book that is designed and helpful for both new and seasoned teachers. For quick access and easy use, the worksheets are organized into eight sections and are printed in a large 8 1/2” x 11” format that folds flat for photocopying. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in each section:

Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking: Trends in smoking, second-hand smoke, reasons why people smoke and ways to help people quit, facts about drug use, the classification of different drugs, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome, as well as drinking and driving.

Sex and Sex-Related Issues: Male and female sex organs, why people have sex, facts and myths, birth control, options after getting pregnant, sexually transmitted diseases, homosexuality, infertility options, sexual harassment, and date rape.

Love, Relationships, Marriage, and Family: The role of friends in our lives, negative aspects of cliques, dating and love, love and infatuation, qualities in an ideal mate, problems in marriage, why marriages end, family life cycles, and nontraditional families.

Life Skills: High and low self-esteem, long and short range goals, learning assertive behavior, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, what makes a good leader, effective communication and time management skills, and problems with violence.

Stress: What makes you stressed?, reactions to stress, coping with stress, suicide, death, and dying.

Food and Food Related Issues: Improving eating habits, the food pyramid, information about calories, water, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, additives, and eating disorders.

Know Your Body and Body Image: Body image and type, the functions of different organs, body parts, body systems and terminology, viruses and bacteria, basic first aid, diagnosing and solving emergency problems, fitness habits, and four components of fitness.

Self Esteem and Knowing Yourself: Favorite things, handwriting, personality type, birth order, highs and lows, and five senses.


  1. Word Association
  2. What Drug Am I?
  3. Trends in Tobacco Use
  4. Time Line: A Short History of Tobacco and Cigarette Use
  5. Thoughts About Secondhand Smoke
  6. Young Kids and Smoking
  7. Show Me the Money
  8. Getting Tough on Smoking: An Editorial
  9. Antismoking Slogans
  10. You Be the Judge
  11. Classifying the Types of Drugs
  12. The Types-of-Drugs Chart
  13. Facts and Myths on Drug Use
  14. Time Line: History of Drug Regulations in the United States
  15. Drug Use and Different Ages
  16. The Drug-Use Continuum
  17. The Marijuana Expert
  18. To Legalize or Not to Legalize?
  19. A Venn Diagram Comparing Tobacco and Marijuana
  20. Caffeine
  21. The Truth About Anabolic Steroids
  22. Tic-Tac Drugs
  23. The Effects of Alcohol
  24. Is Drinking a Problem for You?
  25. Reasons, Reasons, Reasons
  26. The Staircase of Decisions with Drinking
  27. The Gray of Alcoholism
  28. Thoughts About Drinking and Driving
  29. A Letter from a Child with FAS
  30. Express Yourself
  31. Word Removal


  1. Words and Slang
  2. Facts and Myths About Sex
  3. Reasons Why People Have Sex
  4. Sexuality Throughout Our Lifetime
  5. The Four Phases of Sexual Intercourse
  6. Male versus Female
  7. The Birth Control Chart
  8. Birth Control Crossword
  9. No Condom, No Sex: Talking to Your Partner About Condoms
  10. Dr. Birth Control
  11. Some Thoughts on Abstinence
  12. What Should Vanessa Do?
  13. Facts About Adoption
  14. What to Avoid During Pregnancy
  15. Stages in the Womb
  16. STI Unscramble
  17. Dr. STI
  18. Ways of Acquiring HIV
  19. Attitudes About AIDS: We’ve Come a Long Way Since the 1980s
  20. A Poem About an AIDS Victim
  21. Facts About Homosexuality
  22. Options for Couples Who Want a Child (But Are Having Infertility Problems)
  23. Surrogate Rights
  24. Sexual Harassment Facts
  25. Sexual Harassment or Not Sexual Harassment?
  26. Date Rape
  27. Date-Rape Decisions
  28. Finish the Story
  29. Dear Rudy . . .
  30. Sex Jeopardy
  31. It Takes Three
  32. Alphabet Soup


  1. A Relationship Balloon Tree
  2. The Relationship Chart
  3. Circle of Friends
  4. Different Friends, Different Occasions
  5. All About Cliques
  6. Break the Clique
  7. Finish the Sentences on Dating
  8. The Singles Ads
  9. How Do Couples Meet?
  10. Steps in a Relationship
  11. Is It Love or Infatuation?
  12. Love Quotations
  13. Sternberg’s Love Triangle Theory: Worksheet 1
  14. Sternberg’s Love Triangle Theory: Worksheet 2
  15. Sternberg’s Love Triangle Theory: Worksheet 3
  16. What Type of Lover Are You?
  17. What Matters to You?
  18. Qualities You Seek in a Mate
  19. To Live Together or Not to Live Together
  20. Marriage Quotations
  21. Marriage Vows
  22. A Marriage Check-Off List
  23. How Expensive Is It?
  24. Talk-Show Marriage Talk
  25. Can These Marriages Be Saved?
  26. Why Do Relationships End?
  27. Looking at the Family
  28. Family Challenges
  29. If Parenthood Required a License . . .
  30. Stages in the Family Life Cycle
  31. Who’s in What Stage of the Family Life Cycle?


  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  2. Maslow’s Needs and You
  3. A Goal Chart
  4. High and Low Self-Esteem
  5. Improving Your Self-Esteem
  6. Peer Pressure and You
  7. Learning Assertiveness
  8. More on Assertiveness
  9. Dealing with Difficult People
  10. Conflict Outcomes
  11. The Steps in Decision Making
  12. Good Leader, Weak Leader
  13. Wawa Island: A Team-Building Activity
  14. Are You an Effective Communicator?
  15. Name That Communication Blocker
  16. Techniques for Saying No
  17. Communication Scenarios
  18. What Are They Really Saying?
  19. A Paired Listening Exercise
  20. Help Fatima Manage Her Time (Part 1)
  21. Help Fatima Manage Her Time (Part 2)
  22. Managing Your Time (Part 1)
  23. Managing Your Time (Part 2)
  24. What Do You Do?
  25. Fatima’s Errands: A Time Management Activity
  26. Types of Violence
  27. Is Your School Violent?
  28. Top 10 Pieces of Advice to Live By
  29. Advice in Code


  1. Are You Vulnerable to Stress?
  2. The Life Change Index
  3. What Is Their Life Change Index?
  4. Good Stress versus Bad Stress
  5. Top 10 Sources of Stress
  6. Stress in Various Aspects of Your Life
  7. Three Generations of Stress
  8. Long-Term Stress versus Short-Term Stress
  9. ZZZzzz: Sleep Patterns
  10. Sources-of-Stress Game
  11. The Four Stages of Stress
  12. Fight or Flight
  13. Those Stressful Reactions
  14. Reacting to Stressful Situations
  15. Relaxation Bingo
  16. Getting Physical
  17. Support Systems
  18. How Can You Help Your Stressed Friend?
  19. A Suicide Awareness Quiz
  20. Dealing with a Grieving Friend
  21. Thoughts on Death and Dying
  22. The Five Stages of Grief
  23. Which Stage of Grief (in Dying Patients)?


  1. Food Associations
  2. A Healthy-Eating Report Card
  3. An Eating-Habits Survey
  4. Favorite Food
  5. A Food Pyramid Puzzle
  6. Factors Affecting Your Food Choices
  7. “Weight” and See
  8. A Day in the Life of Your Stomach
  9. Calorie Calculations
  10. What to Know About H2O
  11. Let’s Learn About Vitamins
  12. Cholesterol: Fact or Fiction
  13. Protein Fill-in-the-Blanks
  14. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Fiber
  15. Fat Habits and You
  16. Fat Classification
  17. Fat Reduction
  18. Crazy About Carbohydrates
  19. Our Addiction to Additives
  20. Food Categories
  21. Just Because It’s a Salad Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy
  22. Can You Help These Eaters?
  23. An Eating Disorder True-False Quiz
  24. Name That Disorder
  25. Signs of an Eating Disorder
  26. The Dos and Don’ts of Helping Someone with an Eating Disorder
  27. The Food-Vocabulary Word Game


  1. What Is Your Body Type?
  2. Calculate Your BMI
  3. Body Image and You
  4. Body Image and the Sexes
  5. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
  6. Body-Parts Connections
  7. Body-Parts Vocabulary
  8. Muscle Word Search
  9. Right Muscle, Right Exercise
  10. The Human Skeleton Crossword
  11. Female Reproductive System Vocabulary
  12. Male Reproductive System Vocabulary
  13. The Respiratory System Matching Exercise
  14. The Digestion Puzzle
  15. The Sun and Your Skin
  16. Genetics and Your Health
  17. Dr. Doctor’s Magic Square
  18. What Makes You Ill?
  19. Five Diseases and Conditions That May Affect Teens
  20. Basic First-Aid Crossword
  21. Diagnose the Emergency
  22. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease
  23. A Fitness Survey
  24. Components of Fitness
  25. Anaerobic Energy, Aerobic Energy, and DOM
  26. Keeping Fit Without Doing Aerobics


  1. What’s in a Name?
  2. I Am
  3. Graffiti You
  4. The YOU Report Card
  5. What You Like to Do
  6. You Are Where You Live
  7. What Would They Say About You?
  8. Backing It Up with Examples
  9. How Have These Outside Factors Shaped You?
  10. Personality and You
  11. Personality and Physical, Mental, and Social Health
  12. What’s Your Personality?
  13. A, B, C, D Personality Types
  14. Birth Order and Personality
  15. Handwriting and Your Personality
  16. Astrological Signs and Your Personality
  17. What Do You Value?
  18. What Are Your Values . . . ?
  19. A Values Auction
  20. Weaknesses
  21. A Few of Your Favorite Things
  22. Using Your Five Senses
  23. Highs/Lows and You
  24. A Room with a Clue
  25. Cartoons, Colors, and Cars
  26. If . . .
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