Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child

Skill Cards
Skill Cards (Set of 480 cards)
ISBN: 9780878223879
Item Number: 4953


Convenient 3×5″ cue cards designed for student use during group sessions and homework assignments.

The cards list the behavioral steps for each of the 60 skills contained in the Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child program. Eight cards are provided for each individual skill, for a total of 480 skill cards.

Shown below is an episode of Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. In this episode, host Elizabeth Hess interviews educator and author, Dr. Ellen McGinnis, about the widely acclaimed Skillstreaming program.

Group I Classroom Survival Skills

  1. Listening
  2. Asking for Help
  3. Saying Thank You
  4. Bringing Materials to Class
  5. Following Instructions
  6. Completing Assignments
  7. Contributing to Discussions
  8. Offering Help to an Adult
  9. Asking a Question
  10. Ignoring Distractions
  11. Making Corrections
  12. Deciding on Something to Do
  13. Setting a Goal

Group II Friendship-Making Skills

  1. Introducing Yourself
  2. Beginning a Conversation
  3. Ending a Conversation
  4. Joining In
  5. Playing a Game
  6. Asking a Favor
  7. Offering Help to a Classmate
  8. Giving a Compliment
  9. Accepting a Compliment
  10. Suggesting an Activity
  11. Sharing
  12. Apologizing

Group III Skills for Dealing with Feelings

  1. Knowing Your Feelings
  2. Expressing Your Feelings
  3. Recognizing Another’s Feelings
  4. Showing Understanding of Another’s Feelings
  5. Expressing Concern for Another
  6. Dealing with Your Anger
  7. Dealing with Another’s Anger
  8. Expressing Affection
  9. Dealing with Fear
  10. Rewarding Yourself

Group IV Skill Alternatives to Aggression

  1. Using Self-Control
  2. Asking Permission
  3. Responding to Teasing
  4. Avoiding Trouble
  5. Staying Out of Fights
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Accepting Consequences
  8. Dealing with an Accusation
  9. Negotiating

Group V Skills for Dealing with Stress

  1. Dealing with Boredom
  2. Deciding What Caused a Problem
  3. Making a Complaint
  4. Answering a Complaint
  5. Dealing with Losing
  6. Being a Good Sport
  7. Dealing with Being Left Out
  8. Dealing with Embarrassment
  9. Reacting to Failure
  10. Accepting No
  11. Saying No
  12. Relaxing
  13. Dealing with Group Pressure
  14. Dealing with Wanting Something That Isn’t Yours
  15. Making a Decision
  16. Being Honest
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