Skillstreaming the Adolescent

Student Workbook
Group Leader's Guide and 10 Student Workbooks
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Adolescents need strong “people skills” to enter the adult world successfully. The Student Workbook helps reinforce the 50 social-emotional skills learned in the Skillstreaming the Adolescent curriculum.

Students learn through discussion, exploration and practice of essential life skills. Thirty new activities help students learn to start conversations, ask for help, deal with their feelings, find alternatives to aggression, manage stress and develop planning skills.

The Student Workbooks and Leader’s Guide give educators, clinicians, and school counselors a step-by-step procedure for introducing and proceeding with the Skillstreaming program. The numerous activities provided in the Student Workbook assist students in not only learning the Skillstreaming process, but key social nuances that will help them be more successful in their skill use.

The Student Workbook jumpstarts student learning, structures the Skillstreaming teaching process for both new and experienced group leaders, and is an excellent tool for promoting parental involvement.

Skill Cards, Student Workbooks and Skill Posters reinforce the key objectives in the Skillstreaming program. However, it is essential to first have the program book before attempting to utilize other Skillstreaming products.

Available in convenient sets of 10 Student Workbooks (includes Group Leader’s Guide).

Student Workbook

Introduction for Parents

When children share this brief overview and their workbook progress with parents, parents become more willing and able to support skill practice and skill use outside the learning setting.

Understanding Skillstreaming

Adolescents will learn how to get along better with others, have more success in school, better handle stress, and deal more effectively with feelings such as anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration—even happiness. This approach has been proven effective to help adolescents learn needed social skills.

More Practice and Good Ideas

Successful skill use depends on more than just learning skill steps. This part of the workbook focuses on such critical factors as choosing the right time and place, understanding body language, and identifying feelings.

Group Leader’s Guide

Essential for use with the Student Workbook, the Group Leader’s Guide tells leaders exactly what to do, page by page, when using the Student Workbook to teach the Skillstreaming process. In addition, it includes numerous teaching tips and suggestions for related activities to enhance children’s learning, as well as reproducible skill posters, skill cards, and role-play tags.

Shown below is episode two of Prosocially Yours, a podcast produced by Research Press. In this episode, host Elizabeth Hess interviews educator and author, Dr. Ellen McGinnis, about the widely acclaimed Skillstreaming program.


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