Skillstreaming the Adolescent

Skill Posters (Set of 50 Posters)
ISBN: 9780878226344
Item Number: 4984


A set of 50 posters (18×12″) displaying the behavioral steps in each of the Skillstreaming the Adolescent skills.

NOTE: It is essential for successful implementation of this curriculum to first have the program book (Skillstreaming the Adolescent: A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills) before attempting to utilize other Skillstreaming products.

Group I—Beginning Social Skills

  1. Listening
  2. Starting a Conversation
  3. Having a Conversation
  4. Asking a Question
  5. Saying Thank You
  6. Introducing Yourself
  7. Introducing Other People
  8. Giving a Compliment

Group II—Advanced Social Skills

  1. Asking for Help
  2. Joining In
  3. Giving Instructions
  4. Following Instructions
  5. Apologizing
  6. Convincing Others

Group III—Skills for Dealing with Feelings

  1. Knowing Your Feelings
  2. Expressing Your Feelings
  3. Understanding the Feelings of Others
  4. Dealing with Someone Else’s Anger
  5. Expressing Affection
  6. Dealing with Fear
  7. Rewarding Yourself

Group IV—Skill Alternatives to Aggression

  1. Asking Permission
  2. Sharing Something
  3. Helping Others
  4. Negotiating
  5. Using Self-Control
  6. Standing Up for Your Rights
  7. Responding to Teasing
  8. Avoiding Trouble with Others
  9. Keeping Out of Fights

Group V—Skills for Dealing with Stress

  1. Making A Complaint
  2. Answering a Complaint
  3. Being a Good Sport
  4. Dealing with Embarrassment
  5. Dealing with Being Left Out
  6. Standing Up for a Friend
  7. Responding to Persuasion
  8. Responding to Failure
  9. Dealing with Contradictory Messages
  10. Dealing with an Accusation
  11. Getting Ready for a Difficult Conversation
  12. Dealing with Group Pressure

Group VI—Planning Skills

  1. Deciding on Something to Do
  2. Deciding What Caused a Problem
  3. Setting a Goal
  4. Deciding on Your Abilities
  5. Gathering Information
  6. Arranging Problems by Importance
  7. Making a Decision
  8. Concentrating on a Task
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