Parents Are Teachers

A Child Management Program
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780878220199
Item Number: 0194

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This widely popular book provides an extremely effective and easy-to-understand child management program.

Parents Are Teachers stresses the importance of using clear instructions and positive consequences in teaching appropriate behavior to young children. Each chapter is followed by a brief summary of major points and a set of helpful exercises. Often used as the participant’s manual for parent training groups.

Book Reviews

“All those who work with parents—clinical psychologists, school social workers, elementary school counselors, and special education teachers—would be able to make use of this book.”

Special Education

“This sound and solid but amazingly readable book is excellent for parents who would ‘never’ read a book in child psychology.”

Education Canada

“This book has been excellently designed to help parents learn to be more effective teachers of their children.”

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How to Use This Program
Unit  1 Consequences: Reinforcers and Punishers
Unit  2 Kinds of Reinforcers and Punishers
Unit  3 When to Reinforce
Unit  4 Using Stronger Reinforcers
Unit  5 Reinforcement and Punishment in Everyday Life
Unit  6 Why Parents (and Teachers) Goof:
           The Criticism Trap
Unit  7 How to Reinforce
Unit  8 Punishment: When to, How to, and Why Not to,
Unit  9 Reasons, Rules, and Reminders
Unit 10 Your Child's Personality and You
Answers to Exercises
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