Check-In, Check-Out, Second Edition

A Tier 2 Intervention for Students at Risk
ISBN: 9781462524587
Item Number: 8316


Check-In, Check-Out (CICO) is the most widely implemented Tier 2 intervention for the 10-15% of K–12 students who exhibit chronic, mild behavior problems.

Now significantly expanded, this professional training video illustrates the key components of CICO and shows how school personnel and parents can quickly and effectively support positive behavior throughout the day. CICO is ideal for implementation in multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) or positive behavior interventions and support (PBIS) frameworks.

The chapter format of the DVD allows users to quickly navigate to specific segments. Special features include reproducible forms, PowerPoint training materials, and two graphing spreadsheets for managing daily data.

New to This Edition

  • Broader grade range: now includes high school examples.
  • Summarizes the CICO research base and integrates lessons learned from over 16 years of implementation.
  • Chapters on modifying CICO for attendance issues, internalizing behaviors, and individualized intervention.
  • Spanish-language chapter introducing CICO to parents.
  • Expanded FAQ chapter.
  • Several new and updated reproducible tools.

See also the related manual by Deanne A. Crone, Leanne S. Hawken, and Robert H. Horner for CICO implementation leaders, Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools, Second Edition: The Behavior Education Program.

Suitable for viewing in school psychology, school counseling, or education courses on schoolwide positive behavior support, multi-tiered systems of support, or academic and behavioral interventions.

(First edition title: The Behavior Education Program.)


”The second edition of the CICO DVD program provides an updated description of the logic and day-to-day operations of CICO. Of special value is the emphasis on how CICO can be adapted for use at elementary, middle, and high school levels. The messages from teachers, administrators, and students are compelling, and supplement the research base. School personnel considering CICO will benefit from seeing what the program looks like, how the data function as a positive element in the school day, and how teacher teams can work to address emerging problem behavior patterns early.“

—Robert H. Horner, PhD, Alumni–Knight Endowed Professor of Special Education, University of Oregon

”The use of CICO has expanded exponentially in schools throughout the United States and internationally, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated with a range of behavior problems. This updated DVD offers step-by-step instructions for implementing CICO, from aligning it within a multi-tiered support system to summarizing data. It is a complete resource for training school or program staff to implement CICO. Examples of dos and don’ts illustrate how to make the intervention most effective and efficient. After watching this DVD, school staff will have an understanding of how to seamlessly and feasibly blend CICO with ongoing systems of support in their schools. I will definitely use this DVD in my Positive Behavior Support class.“

—Lee Kern, PhD, College of Education, Lehigh University

”Educators who recognize the importance of positive school climate will welcome the CICO DVD. The video program can be used as a component of training workshops or staff meetings or to enhance individual teachers’ understanding of CICO. The second edition has a practical and easy-to-follow format that describes the program’s core features, with adaptations for addressing internalizing behaviors or attendance. School leadership teams will find useful information on how to embed CICO within a multi-tiered framework.“

—Steve Goodman, PhD, Director, Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative

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Internalizing Behavior
Attendance Problems
Spanish Overview for Families
Individualizing CICO
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