The Behavior Problems Resource Kit

Forms and Procedures for Identification, Measurement, and Intervention
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9780878226337
Item Number: 5562

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This is the ideal toolkit for clinical practice and for educators involved in RTI programming and other efforts to document the effectiveness of behavioral and social-emotional interventions.

The Behavior Problems Resource Kit provides over 50 reproducible forms and numerous intervention procedures founded in evidence-based research and standards. These forms and procedures have been successfully employed with children and adolescents having a wide range of difficulties and diagnoses, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and oppositional defiant and conduct disorders.

Part 1: Problem Identification

Includes forms and procedures to facilitate gathering of information to identify specific behaviors for change—a Child History Questionnaire, Problem Behavior Questionnaire, Task Analysis Questionnaire, and Pinpointing Form.

Part 2: Measurement and Functional Behavioral Assessment

Provides forms and procedures for behavioral assessment before, during, and after intervention—focusing on such techniques as School Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) Recording, Interval Recording, Functional Behavioral Assessment, and Scatter Plot.

Part 3: Interventions

Behavior and Social Skills Intervention Plans: Skills training forms to address social, emotional, developmental, functional, and educational issues.

  • Antecedent Interventions: “Coaching for change” procedures and forms helpful in adapting the environment to prevent problem behaviors—focusing on Relationship Enhancement, Frequent Feedback, Rule Establishment and Review, and other areas.
  • Behavioral Interventions: Forms and procedures for teaching replacement behaviors, including Feelings Management, How to Solve a Problem, the 3-D Skills Approach, Social Scripting, and Cue and Review.
  • Consequence Interventions: Designed to control positive and negative reinforcement, items include Behavior Contracts, a Daily Behavior Report Card, the Stop and Think Planning Essay, and School and Home Environment Learning Programs.
  • Provides numerous case examples and completed sample forms to illustrate form use and procedures, as well as a CD with printable versions of all forms.

Praise for The Behavior Problems Resource Kit

Offers organized and strategic tools that are grounded in research and evidence based. . . . The kit gives you access to a wide range of behavioral forms and minimize or alleviates the need to create documents or scrounge around your desk drawers looking for the right form. If you are looking for the right behavioral tool to add to your toolkit, look no further—The Behavior Problems Resource Kit may be it.

—Barbara Konikowski, MA, AASP Intervention Newsletter

Overall, the text has an easy to read and well-organized layout and can be used in whole or in part, depending on the needs of the reader. . . A significant strength is that the forms provided throughout are reproducible, allowing for consistent use by the reader, with a disc of forms attached.

—Carolyn J. Lewis, LCSW, Illinois School Social Work Journal

Reproducible forms and handouts for this title are available on our downloads page.

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