Better IEPs

How to Develop Legally Correct and Educationally Useful Programs
Fifth Edition
Pages: 172
ISBN: 9781578615681
Item Number: 8186

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A newly revised and enhanced Fifth Edition of the ultimate guide to understanding IEPs from a legal standpoint. A classic in its field, Better IEPs presents a focused, three-step process that zooms in on the individual student.

The book dismisses out of hand the one-size-fits-all approach that is too often mistaken for proper procedure in today’s schools. Gives all educators confidence and know-how to develop competent IEPs.

This is the definitive work in its field, looking at key legal cases that determine what’s best for each student’s education using the IEP process. Better IEPs with its focused, three-step process zooms in on the individual students.

Features author Dr. Barbara Bateman, an attorney, a professor emeritus, and the top expert on IEP law; and profession and coauthor, Dr. Mary Anne Linden.

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