The IEP Checklist

Your Guide to Creating Meaningful and Compliant IEPs
Second Edition
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781681254722
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How can special education teams create effective IEPs that improve student outcomes and meet legal requirements?

Find practical answers in the second edition of this one-stop IEP guide, updated with new chapters on key topics, online resources, and practical features that make this edition perfect for either preservice courses or in-service teamwork.

Current and future education teams will get a thorough introduction to IEPs and a comprehensive framework for IEP development, featuring a unique, in-depth checklist that breaks the whole process into small, manageable steps. IEP team members will learn how to collaborate during a meeting, assess a student’s present levels of performance, develop meaningful IEP goals and objectives for all students (including culturally diverse learners), choose accommodations, use progress monitoring data to make instructional decisions, and support transitions from school to adulthood. Practical content throughout the book—including planning tips, vivid examples, reflection questions, and practice activities—gives readers the knowledge and experience they need to create legally compliant IEPs and put them into action.


  • New chapters on making IEP practices culturally responsive, designing behavior intervention plans, and supporting students with disabilities in private and parochial schools
  • Student-friendly features such as chapter objectives, reflection questions, a glossary, and challenge scenarios to encourage critical thinking skills
  • Updated activities that help guide and improve IEP development
  • All-new online resources, including English- and Spanish-language parent surveys
  • Updates on critical new research and practices in the field of special education

INCLUDES READY-TO-USE TOOLS: IEP meeting preparation checklists, the IEP Checklist for confirming that required elements are included, an IEP Rubric for evaluating each element, and a template for making corrections based on the IEP Rubric.

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SECTION I: Foundations for Understanding the Development of a Meaningful IEP

Chapter 1 – Overview of the History and Legal Perspectives of Special Education

Chapter 2 – IEP Considerations for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners

Chapter 3 – Collaborative Teaming for Better IEPs


Chapter 4 – Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance

Chapter 5 – Goals

Chapter 6 – Short-Term Objectives

Chapter 7 – Measuring and Reporting Progress

SECTION III: Supporting Information

Chapter 8 – Least Restrictive Environment

Chapter 9 – Accommodations and Modifications to Meet the Needs of the Learner

Chapter 10 – Transition Teaming: Meeting Post-Secondary Needs

Chapter 11 – Designing Behavior Intervention Plans

Chapter 12 – Supporting Students with Disabilities in Private and Parochial Schools 

Appendix A – IEP Tools

The IEP Checklist

IEP Rubric

IEP Rubric/Correction




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