Treatment of Complicated Mourning

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Treatment of Complicated Mourning is the first book to focus specifically on complicated mourning, often referred to as pathological, unresolved, or abnormal grief.

This highly detailed book provides caregivers with practical therapeutic strategies and specific interventions that are necessary when traditional grief counseling is insufficient. “The goal is to turn ‘complicated’ into ‘uncomplicated’ mourning.” Dr. Rando examines the unique issues in bereavement situations that put mourners at high risk for complicated mourning. She synthesizes the literature and integrates it with specific treatment approaches.

Book Reviews

“Author Therese A. Rando provides both students and practitioners with extensive information relative to the complications of loss, grief, and mourning. Her style is methodical and compelling in maintaining the reader’s interest in an increasingly demanding area of mental health needs.”

—Regina V. Rexroat, The Family Journal

“This volume reflects her expertise, her scholarship, and her ability to clarify rather than obscure. Over 700 pages of text are supplemented by an unusually extensive reference list and a thorough subject index.”

Child & Family Behavior Therapy

“Any reader will have a greater appreciation of the complexities in the universal experience of loss, a fuller understanding of the process of grief and mourning, and an enhanced ability to make appropriate and timely referrals for further assistance in resolving loss when it has become complicated for those involved.”

—Rebecca Fogel Downs, Journal of Case Management

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Part 1 Fundamentals

Chapter 1 Introduction
Growing Interest in the Topic
Prevalence and Costs of Complicated Mourning
Factors Contributing to Increased Complicated Mourning
Problems in the Field
Content and Organization of This Book
Chapter 2 A Perspective on Loss, Grief, and Mourning
Inevitability of Loss
Myths and Realities of Mourning
Factors Influencing Grief and Mourning
Three Phases of Grief and Mourning
The Six “R” Processes of Mourning
Perspectives on the Duration and Course of Mourning
Subsequent Temporary Upsurges of Grief
Chapter 3 Theories of Complicated Mourning: A Historical Review
Sigmund Freud
Karl Abraham
Helene Deutsch
Melanie Klein
Erich Lindemann
Otto Fenichel
Charles Anderson
Samuel Lehrman
John Bowlby
George Engel
Colin Murray Parkes
Lorraine Siggins
Charles Wahl
Vamik Volkan
George Krupp
Beverley Raphael
Aaron Lazare
Mardi Horowitz
Sidney Zisook and Colleagues
Chapter 4 Complicated Outcomes of Loss: Symptoms and Syndromes
Definition of Complicated Mourning
Symptoms of Complicated Mourning
Syndromes of Complicated Mourning
Chapter 5 Complicated Outcomes of Loss: Mental Disorders, Physical Disorders, and Death
Mental Disorders
Physical Disorders

Part 2: Assessment and Treatment

Chapter 6 Clinical Assessment of Grief and Mourning
Assessment Issues
Four Assessment Situations
Specific Areas of Assessment: Using the Grief and Mourning
Status Interview and Inventory (GAMSII)
Chapter 7 Formal Therapeutic Approaches to Complicated Mourning
Focal Psychotherapy
Re-Grief Therapy
Behavioral, Cognitive, and Social Approaches
Gestalt Therapy
Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy for Phase-Oriented Treatment of the Stress Response Syndrome
Worden’s Treatment Procedures for Resolving Pathological Grief
Rando’s Schema for Creating Therapeutic Bereavement Rituals
Chapter 8 Generic Issues in the Treatment of Complicated Mourning
Efficacy of Intervention in Mourning
Philosophical Perspectives on Treatment
Generic Guidelines for Treatment
Chapter 9 Intervening in the Six “R” Processes of Mourning
Recognize the Loss
React to the Separation
Recollect and Reexperience the Deceased and the Relationship
Relinquish the Old Attachments to the Deceased and the Old Assumptive World
Readjust to Move Adaptively Into the New World Without Forgetting the Old

Part 3: Specific Clinical Problems

Chapter 10 Risks and Therapeutic Implications Associated With Individual, Relationship, and System Factors
Interrelationship Among High-Risk Factors
Mourner Liabilities
Dependency and Codependency
Social Support
Chapter 11 Risks and Therapeutic Implications Associated With Mode of Death
Natural Versus Unnatural Death
Natural Death
Accidental Death
Chapter 12 Risks and Therapeutic Implications Associated With Sudden and Unexpected, Multiple, and Traumatic Death
Sudden, Unexpected Death
Multiple Death
Traumatic Death
Chapter 13 Risks and Therapeutic Implications Associated With Death of a Child and AIDS-Related Death
Death of a Child
Aids-Related Death
Chapter 14 Caregiver Concerns in the Treatment of Complicated Mourning
Caregiver Characteristics
Common Therapeutic Errors
Caregiver Stressors
Strategies for Reducing Caregiver Stress
Appendix: Grief and Mourning Status Interview and Inventory (GAMSII)
Author Index
Subject Index
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