Grief, Dying, and Death

Clinical Interventions for Caregivers
Pages: 488
ISBN: 9780878222322
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This book provides both the theoretical background and the practical treatment interventions necessary for working with those who are bereaved or dying.

Important topics such as anticipatory grief, postdeath mourning, and the stress of grief are described in detail. Grief reactions, both normal and abnormal, as well as their causes are analyzed. Special attention is given to grief caused by the death of a child or spouse, death by suicide, and children’s grief. Numerous exercises and case examples are included.

Book Reviews

“If a caregiver is looking for a single, encyclopedic source on dealing with death and bereavement, Rando’s book should find a place on that provider’s bookshelf.”

—William J. Serdahely, Health Values

“This is a most welcome and helpful book designed for those caring for the psychological comfort and well being of the terminally ill, their families, and the bereaved. It is a well researched piece of work, taking a broad look at the whole field of dying and bereavement.”

—Maureen Leyland, Palliative Medicine Journal

“Anyone involved in the clinical care of bereaved or dying people will find a wealth of insight in this valuable text. The author states, ‘This book has a dual purpose. It is first meant to provide pertinent clinical interventions to front-line caregivers, based on relevant research on grief and dying. Second, it presents primary sources from the thanatological literature.’ The author succeeds in achieving these two ominous tasks.”

—Alan D. Wolfelt, Death Studies

Chapter 1 Our Attitudes Towards Death
Chapter 2 Grief: The Reaction to Loss
Chapter 3 Factors Influencing the Grief Reaction
Chapter 4 Unresolved Grief
Chapter 5 Therapeutic Interventions With Grievers
Chapter 6 Different Bereavement Situations
Chapter 7 Funerals and Funerary Rituals
Chapter 8 Death and the Dying Patient
Chapter 9 The Dying Patient’s Reactions
Chapter 10 The Dying Patient’s Coping Mechanisms
Chapter 11 Caring for the Dying Patient
Chapter 12 The Family of the Dying Patient
Chapter 13 The Dying Child
Chapter 14 The Caregiver’s Personal Concerns
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