Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School

Lesson Plans, Activities, and Blended Teaching Techniques to Help Your Students Succeed
Pages: 275
ISBN: 9781889322643
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This workbook for grades K-12 targets 28 social skills such as following instructions, staying on task, working with others, accepting criticism, listening, ignoring distractions, making a good choice, sharing, and showing respect.

Lesson plans include suggestions for discussion, journaling, role play, and reading activities.

Comments from Teachers

“The best thing about this book is that each lesson that is given is complete and foolproof. If you follow what to do the lesson is sure to be a big hit!”

”I truly loved these lessons. They were enjoyable because they were so easy to follow and truly effective with the students. It was very rewarding to see the students using these strategies.”

”I found many ideas that I am using, with different twists, some new ideas, and lots of new books to add to my library that will help my students deal with positive behaviors.”

”Sometimes, teachers think that they have no more solutions to problems, but this book provides new insightful ways to help students in need.”

”I like watching the kids get excited about playing different games. Now when they come in, they sometimes ask me if we can play. I like the fact that they are listening, without me saying a million times to please listen.”

”My students love to role play, and there are many opportunities in this book to do that. Talking about recognizing what makes you angry is a great beginning to dealing with how you respond.”

”The blending technique is the most powerful tool for a teacher. Throughout the book connections for behavior are paired up with all areas of the curriculum. I thought one easy and very effective example of this is the vocabulary lists for different age groups. The bibliography in the back of the book that lists books for different situations will be very helpful for teachers, students, parents, administrators, counselors, and librarians.”

The Role of Social Skills in the Classroom
Section 1
Task-Analyzing Skills
Setting Clear, Consistent Behavioral Expectations
Section 2
Skill Lesson Plans
Section 3
Blended Teaching
Section 4
Using Consequences to Teach Social Skills
Involving Parents in Teaching Skills
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