The Tough Kid Social Skills Book

Getting Along with Others - Helping Tough Kids Learn and Use Effective Social Skills
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781599090412
Item Number: 8447


Shows how to implement a social skills program for tough kids in grades 3 through 7.

Topics covered include: body basics, joining in, recognizing and expressing feelings, having a conversation, playing cooperatively, solving problems, using self-control, solving arguments, dealing with teasing, dealing with being left out, and more.

The book contains a variety of tools and strategies to help identify students in need of direct social skills training and to gather data to assess important social skills.

The access code for downloading reproducibles is located within the book.

PART 1: Social Skills Concepts

  1. Overview
  2. Assessing Social Skills
  3. Three Levels of Social Skills Training
  4. Leading a Social Skills Group

PART 2: Training Session Outlines

  • Skill Area A: Social Entry
  • Skill Area B: Maintaining Interactions
  • Skill Area C: Solving Problems

Homework Sheets
Skill Posters

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