Teen Anger Management Education

Implementation Guidelines for Counselors
Pages: 196
ISBN: 9780878227297
Item Number: 6666

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Teen Anger Management Education (TAME) is for youth aged 12 to 17 who need to gain the tools for navigating the everyday minefields of emotional adversities, triggering events and circumstances, and interpersonal provocations.

Complete with mindfulness activities, role plays, exercises, discussion prompts, worksheets, fidelity checklists, recommendations, and Hassle Logs, TAME is an indispensable resource for mental health professionals, educators, and counselors alike.

Meticulously outlined in a session-by-session protocol, TAME presents the developed program in a reader-friendly and instructional manner. Dr. Eva L. Feindler and Dr. Gina Sita-Molz take the conversation through the program’s foundations into an extensive review of assessment measures and strategies, then set the stage for planning and successfully administering the 12-week program, before finishing with an evaluation of TAME implementation in a real-world setting.


“Treating angry and aggressive behavior in youth is often a clinical challenge. Feindler and Sita-Molz’s new manual, Teen Anger Management Education: Implementation Guidelines for Counselors (TAME), gives clinicians robust resources in meeting this challenge. This manual is filled with assessment recommendations, step-by-step guidelines, very creative exercises that integrate both traditional CBT approaches as well as third wave interventions, and exceptionally helpful worksheets. This is a MUST-HAVE for any professional committed to helping young clients TAME their angry and aggressive behavior.” —Robert D. Friedberg, PhD, ABPP, Professor, Head of Pediatric Behavioral Health Palo Alto University

“This is a comprehensive yet very practical treatment approach to addressing maladaptive anger in adolescents. Based on a solid research foundation for anger management, the book is filled with examples and activities drawn from typical teenage struggles involving family interactions, peer relationships, and social media. This is a fantastic book and a must-have for all clinicians and counselors working with adolescents.” —Denis G. Sukhodolsky, Associate Professor,Director, Evidence-Based Practice, Child Study Center Yale School of Medicine




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