Teaching Prosocial Behavior to Antisocial Youth

A Live Workshop Presentation
Six DVDs and 10 copies of the Workshop Supplement
ISBN: 9780878226016
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This six-part DVD program features a comprehensive workshop presented by Dr. Arnold Goldstein, complete with audience interactions and question-and-answer sessions.

The first four parts focus on how to effectively implement Skillstreaming, a highly acclaimed prosocial skills training program for working with elementary students and adolescents.

Part Five introduces the Aggression Replacement Training model and expands the presentation to include anger management and moral reasoning.

Part Six covers how to use The Prepare Curriculum. The workshop concludes with examples of productive and unproductive intervention strategies for working with antisocial youth.

Teaching Prosocial Behavior to Antisocial Youth is presented in a series of six parts:

  1. Skillstreaming: History and Development
  2. Skillstreaming: Curriculum and Training Procedures
  3. The Skillstreaming Setting: Creating Safe Schools
  4. Skillstreaming: Reducing Resistance, Increasing Motivation, and Enhancing Generalization
  5. Aggression Replacement Training: Prosocial Skills, Anger Management, and Moral Reasoning
  6. The Prepare Curriculum—Antisocial Youth: Productive and Unproductive Intervention Strategies

The videos (over five hours of instruction) may be shown in a group setting or used by individuals for self-study.

Viewers will be delighted with the expert advice and personal insights that are shared!

In-service training or workshops can be provided for your school, facility, or organization. For more information and available dates, please contact:

Mark Amendola
Perseus House
1511 Peach Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16501  USA
Phone 814-480-5900, ext. 288

Sheldon Braaten Ph.D.
Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents
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Roseville, Minnesota 55113  USA
Phone: 651-484-5510

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