Student Aspirations

Eight Conditions That Make a Difference
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9780878224791
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This inspirational book stresses the importance of developing student aspirations—the ability to identify and set goals for the future, while being inspired in the present to work toward those goals. Based on more than 20 years of research, the book identifies eight conditions as being necessary to foster student aspirations—Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun and Excitement, Curiosity and Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership and Responsibility, and Confidence to Take Action.

Introduction: Listening to Students Is a Must, How the Eight Conditions Raise Student Aspirations, Fostering Aspirations Depends on a Fresh Outlook

  1. Belonging: Taking the First Steps in Establishing Belonging, Promoting School Pride by Listening to Students, Hearing about the Priceless Payoffs
  2. Heroes: True Heroes Abound, Teachers Cannot Help but Be Heroes, Students Should Try to Be Heroes, Administrators Need to Be Heroes, Mentoring Can Work Wonders, Kids May Not Realize They Are Heroes to Adults
  3. Sense of Accomplishment: Understanding That Achievement Has Several Meanings, Seeing How Putting Forth Effort Brings Satisfaction, Understanding the Importance of Perseverance, Teaming Up Effort and Perseverance, Recognizing the Value of Good Citizenship, Caring for Students Is the Teacher’s Obligation
  4. Fun and Excitement: Promoting Interest and Emotional Involvement, Capitalizing on Students’ Interests, Watching Excitement Wane as Students Mature, Channeling Fun and Excitement into Learning, Believing in the Potential of Fun and Excitement, Entertaining Students while Teaching, Establishing a Culture of Fun and Excitement
  5. Curiosity and Creativity: Valuing the Condition, Celebrating the Condition Every Day, Watching Children Develop as They Mature, Giving Teachers a Taste of Humility, Overcoming Difficulties in Promoting the Condition, Inviting the Real World into the Classroom, Remaining Flexible in the Face of State Mandates, Playing the Vital Role of Administrator, Teaching with Passion
  6. Spirit of Adventure: Challenging Students to Take Risks, Involving Students in Positive Risk Taking, Establishing the Condition in the Classroom, Helping Students Find Their Challenge Zone, Looking at Teachers’ Spirit of Adventure, Encouraging Students to Take Healthy Risks
  7. Leadership and Responsibility: Giving Students Control as They Develop, Confusing Leadership with Power, Giving Students a Feel for Responsible Leadership, Realizing That Old Habits Die Hard, Encouraging Student Decision Making, Understanding the Inherent Inequity in Student Councils, Examining Leadership Myths, Giving Students an Opportunity to Lead
  8. Confidence to Take Action: Taking Action Based on a Positive and Healthy Outlook, Teaching Means More Than Imparting Knowledge, Paving the Way to High Achievement, Stereotyping Students Is a No-Win Proposition, Moving Mountains Is Not Necessary, Creating Opportunities for Students Helps Them to Aspire, Promoting a Plan of Action That Spells Confidence, Reaching the Summit Thanks to the Eight Conditions
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