Raising Student Aspirations

Classroom Activities
Set of Three Volumes
Grades K-12
ISBN: 9780878224982
Item Number: 5200

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Each volume includes 72 classroom activities encompassing eight conditions necessary for developing student aspirations: belonging, heroes, sense of accomplishment, fun and excitement, curiosity and creativity, spirit of adventure, leadership and responsibility, and confidence to take action.

The set includes three volumes:

“What child wouldn’t have fun helping make a class quilt, playing word games, learning how to juggle, decorating the classroom, or making a secret code? They [the activities] are all here, and each has a specific objective to Russ’s mission to mold lifelong aspirations into the character of our students.”

—from the Foreword by Vincent L. Ferrandino, Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals

Book Review

Raising Student Aspirations identifies eight conditions (including belonging, fun, and excitement) that need to be in place in order for students to flourish. The book suggests meaningful activities, interactions, discussions, and schoolwide initiatives to promote each condition.”

Youth Today, The Newspaper on Youth Work

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