Social and Emotional Competence Game

Grades 4-8
Item Number: 8184


Grades 4-8. Designed for two to four players. A fun way to teach empathy, communication, self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills.

Over 200 situation cards are divided into five categories: Sharing Feelings, Getting Along, Cooperating, Caring, and Communicating. The game can easily be integrated into existing programs. The game ends at a predetermined time set by the counselor or teacher. Includes a colorful game board, cards, pawns, die, chips, and a spinner.

The Social and Emotional Competence Game was developed to provide counselors and teachers with another tool to teach social and emotional skills. The game cards are labeled with terms that are familiar to most children: sharing feelings, getting along, caring, communication, and cooperating. As the game progresses players become increasingly familiar with what these concepts are and the importance and advantages of engaging in these kinds of behaviors. The categories are broadly defined and overlap with each other. For example, Caring can involve such behaviors as being kind, sharing, and expressing a feeling appropriately.

The counselor or teacher determines how long the game will last. Players move their tokens around the game board and answer questions posed on the situation cards, earning chips for each correct response. There are also some game spaces that may cause a player to loose chips. The player with the most chips at the end is the “winner.”

“Game leaders should not feel constrained by the structure of the game. It is certainly appropriate to pause and practice a skill, engage in further discussion, role-play, and ask more questions if a topic is particularly salient to a child.”

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