Reach For The Kids

(Set includes five unique storybooks)
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REACH For The Kids is a series of storybooks for children dealing with emotional disorders and mental illness.

The vividly-illustrated stories deal with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and depression. Each title covers one of author Andrew S. Hogan’s five REACH steps to manage emotional disorders:

R—Recognize the source of symptoms (Kailee Finds the Dragon, 32 pgs.)
Symptoms from emotional disorders can be as frightening as smoke and flames spewing from a dark closet. But when we bravely open the door and recognize what is inside the closet, like Kailee, we too will discover emotional disorders and the source of the fire aren’t so scary!
E—Emerge from isolation (A Monkey on Ken’s Back, 34 pgs.)
To children, being told they have a mental illness, such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD) or depression, can be as hard to accept as a permanent monkey on their back. They may not want to talk about it. They may hit rock bottom. But if we can help them look up, maybe they will see everyone has monkeys on their backs&hellips;and it’s okay.
A—Authenticate self and disorder (Ami Is Not a Monster, 34 pgs.)
Emotional disorders can feel like wearing a freaky costume at life’s Halloween party. But never fear! Just as Ami figures out how to have fun despite all the quirks she has to live with, we too can come to understand monster costumes and emotional disorders don’t make us who we are.
C—Control your disorder as you are able (Shawn’s Jetpack, 34 pgs.)
Learning to control the highs and lows of emotional disorders can be as tricky as flying a jetpack. It takes balance, healthy fuel, and help from caring people. The good news is, just as Shawn learns to fly his jetpack, it IS possible to control emotional disorders and soar up in life.
H—Heighten your life (Superhero Jo, 34 pgs.)
Emotional disorders or being a superhero can cause hard crashes in life. The disorders make the dream of flying up high again super scary. But when we listen to loving voices and desire to do good, like Jo, we too can discover heightened dreams are within our grasp even when we’re not perfect.

The last few pages of each book contain tips to guide a discussion: Using the Story to Teach Children About Emotional Disorders. This section helps the reader use the stories and illustrations when talking to children about emotional disorders and mental illness. Each book contains the following categories to create a dialogue after reading the book:

  • Catch the Comparisons—Understand on your level. Teach children on theirs.
  • Points to Discuss—Varied messages from book-to-book based on the theme.
  • Developmental Stages—Divided into ages: 3-5 years, 6-9 years and 10-11 years.

When you choose REACH For The Kids, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-read series of books with relatable characters.

In this Prosocially Yours podcast, author Hogan discusses his own personal experiences with mental illness and the real life education he has experienced with this “monkey on his back.” Don’t miss this fascinating discussion hosted by Elizabeth Hess.

Born and raised in the Big Apple, Michael D. Perez is the illustrator of eight books for children. He has two active children who love to explore their backyard forest. When he isn’t working, Michael spends his time searching for trolls under bridges and elves in the trees, using them as inspiration. The opportunity to work with Andy has provided Michael with a deeper understanding of emotional disorders and has even eased his own anxiety. When Michael isn’t exploring the wilds of New York City’s concrete jungle, he is finding new ways to show the world his great discoveries through social media.

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