The PASSPORT Program

A Journey through Emotional, Social, Cognitive, and Self-Development
Grades 6-8
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9780878223763
Item Number: 5002

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An effective prevention curriculum that helps students in grades 6-8 learn positive mental health concepts by developing self-acceptance, personal relationship skills, problem-solving and decision-making strategies, and skills to deal with troublesome emotions.

This curriculum is designed to teach students what is normal for their age group and to help them learn effective strategies for dealing with the challenges and problems of growing up.

PASSPORT is a self-contained developmental curriculum containing numerous learning activities for use in classrooms or small-group settings. The activities can also be adapted for use in individual counseling. The PASSPORT Program is strongly grounded in developmental theory and the principles of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Book Reviews

“I found this book particularly helpful in supplementing our developmental counseling curriculum. The activities were fun, easy to implement, and fresh. I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of discussion questions. This made follow-up and reflection a simple process. This is an excellent resource.”

—Maria McCabe, INSIGHT, Illinois School Counselor’s Association Newsletter

“I am impressed by this collection of activities. Each activity is well thought out and is age appropriate for its intended grade level. Some activities require gathering materials that might not be ordinarily found within a counselor’s office or rearranging the room to set up a particular kind of environment, but most do not require significant levels of preparation, a plus for busy school psychologists/counselors. The activities are interesting, varied, and appealing to children.”

—Ruth E. Garbett, Global School Psychology Network

Grade 6
  1 Who Am I?
  2 Growing Pains
  3 Strong Points, Weak Points
  4 Self-Spin
  5 I Can't Be Perfect
Emotional Development
  1 I Feel This Way, You Feel That Way
  2 Changing Your Feelings
  3 Hunting for Happiness
  4 Feelings about Families
  5 Feel It, Do It
Social Development
  1 Being a Better Friend
  2 Who Said What to Whom?
  3 On Again, Off Again
  4 Face to Face
  5 Fun with Friends
Cognitive Development
  1 Doable Goals
  2 "D" Is for Decision
  3 I Think, I Do
  4 Consider the Consequences
  5 What's the Impact?
Grade 7
  1 Who I Am, Not What I Do
  2 In the Mirror
  3 Identity Crisis
  4 Carbon Copy
  5 I Have to Be Thin
Emotional Development
  1 Where Do Feelings Come from?
  2 Boiling Point
  3 Too Intense
  4 It's Embarrassing
  5 Favorite Feelings
Social Development
  1 I Said, They Said
  2 I Belong
  3 Getting Along
  4 Peer Pressure
  5 Me and My Parents
Cognitive Development
  1 Lots of Options
  2 Rational Reasoning
  3 Putting It in Perspective
  4 As a Result
  5 Anticipate the Outcome
Grade 8
  1 Chameleon
  2 Center of the Universe
  3 Self-Conscious
  4 What Do I Value?
  5 Finding Myself
Emotional Development
  1 Like a Yo-Yo
  2 Domino Effect
  3 Always Angry
  4 Mask It
  5 Pain Relievers
Social Development
  1 A Good Friend Should
  2 The Opposite Sex
  3 Going Their Own Way
  4 Resisting Peer Pressure
  5 Don't Let Them Get to You
Cognitive Development
  1 Salient Solutions
  2 Think before You Act
  3 Beliefs and Behaviors
  4 Difficult Decisions
  5 Solve It!

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