PACT: Positive Adolescent Choices Training

A Model for Violence Prevention Groups with African American Youth
Second Edition
Pages: 162
ISBN: 9780878226962
Item Number: 4804


This latest edition of the PACT violence prevention program guide provides the rationale and background for the PACT approach, offering guidelines and procedures proven effective in conducting group training with African American and other high-risk youth.

The program employs a three-part training approach:

  • Violence-Risk Education
  • Anger Management
  • Prosocial Skills Training

The guide provides specific instructions for planning and establishing violence prevention groups, conducting group training, involving parents, and conducting program evaluations. Numerous participant handouts and other program forms and checklists are included.
Several activities relating to the group process and PACT skills have been added to this new edition, along with suggestions for applying program content to academic areas and adapting procedures for an elementary population.

Chapter 1 —Rationale and Background for the PACT Approach
Chapter 2—Overview of the PACT Program
Chapter 3 —Planning and Establishing Youth Violence Prevention Groups
Chapter 4 —Components of the Group Intervention
Chapter 5 —Group Training Procedures
Training Area 1: Introduction and Rapport Building
Training Area 2: Violence-Risk Education
Training Area 3: Understanding and Controlling Anger
Training Area 4: Giving Negative Feedback (Givin’ It)
Training Area 5: Receiving Negative Feedback (Takin’ It)
Training Area 6: Negotiation (Workin’ It Out)
Ending the Group
Chapter 6—Group Behavior Management
Chapter 7—Parent Involvement and Training
Chapter 8—Evaluation Issues and Methods
Appendix A—Activities for Integrating PACT Training into Academic Subject Matter
Appendix B—Adapting the PACT Model for Elementary Students
Appendix C—PACT Skill Cards

Appendix D—Activities for Optimizing the PACT Group Experience

For information about PACT training sessions, contact Dr. Janeece Warfield at or 937-775-4300.

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