No More Stinking Thinking

A Workbook for Teaching Children Positive Thinking
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9781843108399
Item Number: 8293


No More Stinking Thinking is an easy-to-use workbook for use by parents, teachers, and therapists to teach children how to develop the cognitive skills and resilience that will help them to cope with daily adversity, including criticism, disappointment and bullying.

Each lesson in this mental health “wizard class” explains a different type of “Stinking Thinking” – from ignoring the big picture or jumping to conclusions to making a big (or little) deal out of something – and teaches children how to spot and combat it. They are drawn into a magical world where they learn about the power of positive, healthy and confident thinking and assertive behaviors as they defeat the evil Lord Stinker and become “Super Thinking Wizards.” Exercises, a final “exam,” and a graduation certificate are included.

Accessible and fully interactive, No More Stinking Thinking is an ideal tool for helping children develop positive thinking skills in an imaginative and exciting way.

  • Introduction
  • What Is Stinking Thinking?
  • Don’t Jump to Conclusions
  • Wearing Blinkers
  • Putting Things in a Nutshell
  • Making a Big Deal or a Little Deal
  • The world Revolves Around Me
  • All or Nothing Thinking

“This workbook, developed after 23 years of work with children, is designed to help children change their ‘stinking thinking.’ ‘Stinking Thinking’ are ways children think that cause them to be anxious, depressed, angry, guilty, frustrated, embarrassed, insecure, or jealous. The exercises help children ages 6 to 12 years develop cognitive skills, positive thought patterns, and resilience to cope with daily hardships. The wizard theme is attractive to children and encourages them to interact with parents or therapists as they practice the concepts. Therapists and parents will find this workbook user-friendly, attractive, and fun. It is a valuable adjunct to cognitive behavioral approaches. Children are fascinated with wizards and enjoy the exercises.”  – Virginia Child Protection Newsletter

‘This ingenious workbook, designed for use by psychologists, teachers or parents, is highly visual and interactive and could beneficially be used with individuals and groups of children. Based on the CBT approach, it encourages children to explore their negative thinking patterns which in turn enhances their ability to cope with daily challenges. The author has cleverly used the world of magic as a backdrop to each session, and children are enticed to become “super thinking wizards” as they learn to outsmart negative thinking.” – The Psychologist


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