Merrell's Strong Start

A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum
Second edition
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781598579697
Item Number: 8587


Teach social-emotional competence to preschoolers with the NEW edition of the Strong Start—Pre–K curriculum! Part of the Strong Kids series, Strong Start is the fun, easy way to help young children develop the social-emotional skills they need to build a strong foundation for school success.

Developed by a team of educational and mental health experts, this evidence-based, age-appropriate curriculum is

  • Low cost and low tech
  • Proven to help increase young children’s knowledge of healthy behavior
  • Easy to implement with no training required
  • Brief enough to use with any program

Through engaging classroom activities, children learn about emotions and the social-emotional skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives: managing anger, reducing stress, solving interpersonal problems, and more. This scientifically based curriculum runs for 10 weeks, and lessons are easy to fit into your existing schedule. Partially scripted lessons, handouts, and worksheets are included—all photocopiable and available as downloads—so you have everything you need to implement the program with little added cost or preparation.

Book Review

“Strong Start Pre-K has been a great asset to our social/emotional curriculum. We have used it in our social skills groups and since the activities build from week to week, we have seen great carryover into the classrooms. It also aligns with our Positive Behavior Support program and the parent notes are a great way to encourage parents to follow through at home.”

Suzanne Salmo, Social Worker,
United Services for Children

About the Downloadable Material
About the Authors
Foreword Hill M. Walker

Section I Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1 About Strong Start
Chapter 2 Implementation Guidelines and Lesson Structure
Chapter 3 Overview of the Lessons
Chapter 4 What’s New: Updates to Strong Start—Pre-K and Strong Start

Section II The Strong Start—Pre-K Curriculum
Lesson 1 The Feelings Exercise Group
Lesson 2 Understanding Your Feelings 1
Lesson 3 Understanding Your Feelings 2
Lesson 4 Understanding Other People’s Feelings
Lesson 5 When You’re Angry
Lesson 6 When You’re Happy
Lesson 7 When You’re Worried
Lesson 8 Being a Good Friend
Lesson 9 Solving People Problems
Lesson 10 Finishing UP!

Section III Appendices
Appendix A Strong Start Booster Lesson 1
Appendix B Strong Start Booster Lesson 2
Appendix C Recommended Strong Start—Pre-K Literature List

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