Connecting with Others

Lessons for Teaching Social and Emotional Competence
Grades K-2
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780878223626
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Connecting With Others curriculum for kindergarten through grade 2 will help students learn to be sensitive to differences, resolve conflicts without resorting to violence, and learn tolerance and acceptance of others.

Includes 30 lessons divided into five skill areas: Concept of Self and Others, Socialization, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, Communication, Sharing, Empathy and Caring. Instructional strategies include story-telling, relaxation, modeling, coaching, behavioral rehearsal, reinforcement, creative expression, self-instruction and more.


“Perhaps one of the best books of its kind ever written, the publisher integrates quality text with graphics and artwork which facilitates easy use and is attractive for students.”

Professional School Counseling

Getting Started

The Me’s Aggressive, Nonassertive, and Assertive Behaviors The Thinking Steps: Stop, Think, Plan, Check


Skill Area 1: Concept of Self and Others

  1. I Can Do A Pat on the Back
  2. I’m Me and You’re You
  3. Nobody Likes Me
  4. Not My Fault

Skill Area 2: Socialization

  1. How Do You Do?
  2. Where and When?
  3. We’re in This Together
  4. Are You Joking?
  5. Are We Having Fun Yet?

Skill Area 3: Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

  1. What’s in A Problem?
  2. Look Before You Leap
  3. I Didn’t Do It
  4. Let’s Agree to Disagree
  5. Making Up Is Not Hard to Do

Skill Area 4: Communication

  1. I’m Listening
  2. Body Language
  3. Don’t Touch
  4. I Hear You Let’s Chat

Skill Area 5: Sharing

  1. Sharing Is Caring
  2. I Have an Idea
  3. Sharing Time and Skills Fair Share
  4. What Should I Do?

Skill Area 6: Empathy and Caring

  1. I Do Care
  2. Trust Is a Must
  3. Loyalty Is Royalty
  4. People Who Need People Lend a Hand


A: Selected Bibliography of Children’s Literature

B: Parent Newsletters

Sample Lesson: Let’s Agree To Disagree

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