Impulse Control—for Elementary School Students

Activities & Worksheets
Grades 1-5
Pages: 140
ISBN: 9781598500592
Item Number: 8419


Using cognitive-behavioral theory and techniques, this book provides tools for teaching students in grades 1-5 how to stop and think before acting, and how to be more reflective (vs. impulsive).

Activities include games, role-plays, and worksheets to help engage students while they learn invaluable lessons about using self-control techniques. The book provides specific, creative activities and worksheets to use with groups or individual students. Lessons address the multiple areas are affected by impulsivity such as academics, emotions, problem-solving, and social skills.

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These activities teach children how to:

  • Understanding impulse control
  • Use patience and tolerance
  • Anticipate consequences
  • Practice good problem-solving
  • Recognize and manage feelings
  • Use impulse control with peers
  • Practice good listening skills
  • Be the Boss of impulses
  • Use impulse control with anger & anxiety
  • And more!
  1. What is an Impulse? What is Impulse Control?
    • Impulse Control Drawing
    • Stop and Think through a Maze
    • Secret Message about Impulse Control
    • Impulse Control Tic Tac Toe
  2. Evaluating Impulse Control
    • Evaluating Problems with Impulse Control
    • More Evaluation of My Impulse Control
    • Rating My Impulse Control Behaviors
    • Impulse Control Grade Card
  3. Benefits/Consequences of Impulse Control
    • Stop and Think about the Consequences
    • Consequences, Consequences
    • Building Blocks of Impulse Control
    • Benefits of Impulse Control Scramble
  4. Learning How to Stop and Think
    • Learning to Stop Yourself
    • Good Thinking with Stop and Think
    • Impulse Control Helps you Think Ahead
    • Impulse Control Dice
    • My Impulse Control Journal
  5. Active Listening and Impulse Control
    • The Garden of Listening Importance
    • Go Fishing for Listening Skills
    • My Listening Evaluation
    • Listening and Feelings
    • Listening Message in Code
  6. Self-Awareness and Impulse Control
    • The Color of Feelings
    • Connecting Body Feelings with Emotional Feelings
    • Roll a Feeling
    • Feelings Crossword
  7. Anger and Impulse Control
    • Taking Temper´s Temperature
    • Angry Feelings Word Search
    • What Makes You Feel Angry?
    • Impulse Control and Anger
    • Decoding Impulse Control for Anger
  8. Anxiety and Impulse Control
    • Anxiety Word Search
    • Coping Skills Read Backwards
    • No Stinkin´ Thinking´
    • Thinking to Feel Better
  9. Decision-Making and Impulse Control
    • Impulse Control and Good Decision Making
    • STOP and Think about Right and Wrong Time and Place
    • Decision-Making Grid
  10. Problem-Solving and Impulse Control
    • Brainstorming
    • Problem-Solve This
    • Problem-Solve Your Own Problem
  11. Patience, Tolerance and Impulse Control
    • Developing Patience with Stop and Think
    • Positive Thinking and Patience
    • Finding Ways to be Patient
    • Impulse Control and Tolerance
  12. Empathy and Impulse Control
    • Reading Others´ Feelings
    • Stop and Think about Body Language
    • Stop and Think about Others
    • Impulse Control and Empathy
    • Rating My Empathic Behaviors
  13. Social Skills and Impulse Control
    • Joining In with Impulse Control
    • Stop and Think about Peer Pressure
    • Thinking of Others
    • Making Others Feel Special
    • Social Skills Evaluation
  14. Being the Boss of Impulses
    • Evaluating My Impulse Control Progress
    • Impulse Control Mystery Flipper
    • Bossing Your Impulses
    • Impulse Control Word Search


  • Parent Letters 1 & 2
  • Feelings & Faces
  • Decision Tree
  • Situation Cards
  • Certificate

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