Girl Games

Five Card Games Focusing on Bullying and Relational Aggression
Box of 100 cards
ISBN: 9781598500288
Item Number: 8312


Grades 5-12. Each game focuses on bullying or relational aggression. Five easy-to-play card games that feature thought-provoking questions that can help facilitate meaningful discussions.

The games are played similar to the traditional card games which makes them fun and easy to play.

  1. Crazy Dates (Crazy Eights)—Respect, Appreciation, Support, Safety, Trust, Put-Downs, Ignoring, Feeling Uncomfortable, Pressure, Fights, Control, Possessiveness
  2. Queen of Mean (Old Maid)—Lying, Gossip, Fights, Bullying, Rumors, Best Friends, Exclusion, Jealousy, Secrets, Accusations, Put-Downs, Violence
  3. Peace Not War (War)—Peaceful Relationships, Self-Improvement, Affirmations, Self-Reflection, Consequences of Rumors, Helping Others, Looking at Accomplishments
  4. Confidence Concentration (Memory)—Body Image, Likes & Dislikes, Hobbies, Difficulties; Goals, Achievements, Pride, Appearance, Strengths
  5. Go Talk (Go Fish)—Emotions & Communication, Accusing, Defensiveness, Emotions, Adult Helpers, Conflicts, Listening, Patience
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