The Bullying Workbook for Teens

Activities to Help You Deal with Social Aggression and Cyberbullying
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781608824502
Item Number: 8559


The Bullying Workbook for Teens incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help ease anxiety, fear, stress, and other emotions associated with being bullied.

The workbook is made up 42 step-by-step self-help activities designed to help you learn anti-bullying tips and strategies; manage emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and depression; and learn constructive communication skills to help you express your feelings.

With this workbook as your guide, you will also learn how to identify toxic friendships, how to build your own self-confidence, and importantly, how to ask for help when bullying gets out of control or if you are feeling suicidal. The exercises in this book are designed to be useful in everyday situations, so that you can combat bullying or cyberbullying in your life.

Whether you are a straight A student, a cheerleader, a member of the LGBT community, or encompass all of these things, you should know that bullying can happen to anyone. But there is hope to make a change and stand up for yourself, once and for all.

If you are a teen victim of bullycide, this book will offer sound psychological support to help you gain confidence in yourself and in your interactions with others. It is also a great resource for parents, educators, and counseling professionals.

Praise for The Bullying Workbook for Teens

“The Bullying Workbook for Teens is a remarkable, relevant resource for both teens and professionals. The activities are engaging and offer practical strategies to help teens work through and cope with bullying situations, while also raising their self-confidence. As I read it, I found tools to implement in my own work with teens. This book offers eye-opening insights and will be useful to any teen who has been victimized by bullies.”

—Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees & Wannabes, the book that inspired the motion picture Mean Girls

“The Bullying Workbook for Teens is a non-judgmental companion, reflection aid, and an `aha’ moment-maker for isolated teens. It’s also a much-needed tool for clinicians. I recommend it highly and look forward to using it myself.”

—Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out


Foreword v 

Introduction vii 

Activity 1. What Is Bullying 1 

Activity 2. Safety First 5 

Activity 3. Ignore, Respond, or Tell 8 

Activity 4. Asking For Help 12 

Activity 5. Taking Steps Against Cyberbullying 15 

Activity 6. Cyberbullying or Not? 19 

Activity 7. Private Matters 23 

Activity 8. Bullying or Drama? 26 

Activity 9. Just Hit Delete 29 

Activity 10. Alliances 32 

Activity 11. Damage Control 36 

Activity 12. Reducing the Stress of Online Attacks 41 

Activity 13. Emergency Action Plan 45 

Activity 14. Journaling 49 

Activity 15. Code Blue Box 52 

Activity 16. Special Places 55 

Activity 17. Just Breathe 58 

Activity 18. Exercise 61 

Activity 19. Boosting Your Confidence 65 

Activity 20. Clever Comebacks 68 

Activity 21. Humor 72 

Activity 22. In Control or Not? 77 

Activity 23. Accepting Yourself 80 

Activity 24. Faulty Thinking 83 

Activity 25. Reframing Negative Thoughts 86 

Activity 26. Isolation Trap 90 

Activity 27. Self-Defeating Speech 93 

Activity 28. Depression 96 

Activity 29. Expressing Anger 100 

Activity 30. Perception is Reality 103 

Activity 31. Anxiety 107 

Activity 32. Empathy 112 

Activity 33. Good Friendships 115 

Activity 34. Toxic Friendships 118 

Activity 35. Breaking Up With Friends 122 

Activity 36. Self-Empowerment 126 

Activity 37. Mentors Matter 129 

Activity 38. Antibullying Organizations 133 

Activity 39. Moving Forward 13 

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