Face Cards for Emotional Awareness

Additional Deck of Cards
ISBN: 9780878226177
Item Number: 5545


Additional deck of 54 illustrated cards for use with the Face Cards for Emotional Awareness program. The cards show facial expressions of various emotions to help students learn “the language of emotions.”

In addition to the 54 cards with faces, each deck includes two cards without faces. Blanks may be used when the correct image cannot be found or when a student has trouble committing to a single card. Some may enjoy creating expressions of their own. Others may choose to place a blank between two Face Cards to indicate a halfway point or mixed emotions.

When One Deck Is Not Enough

All the activities are designed to be used with a single deck of Face Cards. However there may be times when more than one deck would be helpful to keep activities moving along without pause. Rather than having to collect and shuffle an entire deck after each activity.

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