My Feelings Workbook

A Workbook for Teaching Children About & Developing Emotional Intelligence
Grades 1-5
Pages: 105
ISBN: 9781598500950
Item Number: 8506


My Feelings Workbook is specifically designed to help children understand, deal with and process emotions and feelings on a nonverbal body level. It not only helps children figure out how they feel, but WHERE they feel.

With enough practice, children will gain mastery over even their more intense feelings. In the process, they learn how to build stronger bridges between their emotional minds and their thinking minds.

This workbook contains fun activities, useful strategies and reproducible worksheets. Compared with other feeling-focused books, this resource can be especially useful when working with children who are experiencing intense emotions, such as after a traumatic event. These feelings can sometimes seem overwhelming to children. Helping children to focus on where and how their emotions are felt in their bodies will allow them to process and deal with these intense feelings. This emotion-body connection approach can be useful in helping children to become more reassured and confident in how they handle and manage these kinds of emotions whenever they occur in their lives.

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